@BlueJays #Lovethisteam I knew you’d make us proud!!

The original Toronto Blue Jays logo (1977–1996)

The baseball season started a few months ago and with a solid team of players, there was a lot of pressure on our Boys of Summer!

I heard comments from people already convinced things weren’t looking good for the Toronto Blue Jays because they weren’t winning games from the start.

Well, today made it their 11th straight win and  I know there are many more to come.

I’ve been watching the full games when I can or on the #Jaysin30 recap version (on SN1 – RogersTV) and I love how these men have developed a genuine bond!

I’m looking forward to taking in a couple of games this season!  I have a good feeling about this…I know the Jays are going to win the World Series!!  As the only non-US franchise to appear in a World series (winning in both 1992 & 1993), it only makes sense that they do it again!

Got Blue Jays?!

At the plate with his bat, he steadies himself, waiting for the right hit.

On the mound, with a nod, he winds his arm to throw the game’s first pitch.

The ball speeds by with sonic force and  leaves a trail of smoke behind.

The umpire catches it and yells out “Ball” the batter sees what the pitcher has in mind.

The game is intense. Everyone’s on edge. Our Boys in Blue are in the lead.

It’s no surprise they do it again, they’re on their way to the World Series!


#DesmondBryant mugshot… #ImJustSayin! Look at that neck!!

This past Sunday, Desmond Bryant, who plays for the Oakland Raiders, was charged with criminal mischief. He had a few drinks, went to a neighbour’s house and yada, yada, yada, he ended up arrested.

Here are pictures of him. One where he’s looking stunning at a game and the other looking…stunned.


People are talking about how it’s the worst mug shot ever (and believe me, I’m not fighting anyone on that) but the real question is…where is his shirt?? Here’s a big piece of mens walking around town shirtless? That should have been the indication that something was going down. 

Forget that he apparently has a 100-year old tree trunk for a neck and an inability to close his mouth due to an enlarged tongue.  I’m saying, where in the world is his shirt?  Did it bust off of him like the hulk?  Who knows. 

I love a tasty beverage but I want to believe some people shouldn’t drink if it causes your tongue and neck to swell like the Grinches heart and you to get so hot you blast out of your shirt….I’m just saying.