@PorticoCC made it a very #HappyEaster!

Yesterday at church the Pastor spoke of the resurrection of Christ. He delivered the message with an interesting outlook.

He spoke of Conspiracy Theories and how as humans we create a plausible conclusion when we’re presented with events that are mysterious to us.

He referred to the bible and spoke of how the elders and chief priests came up with a ‘believable story’ when the guards (that were to be watching the tomb that contained Jesus’ body) told them that an angel moved the huge boulder that blocking the tomb and Jesus walked away without them noticing.

As humans when something doesn’t make sense or seems too outrageous to be true, we create our own theories that make more sense. This makes us feel better when we have created a story as to what may have really happened. Those who know me will say I’m one of the biggest conspiracy theorists around but not on this one.

I’ve always believed in God and have strong faith in his purpose for me. I don’t preach as I believe everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions.  I only wish people could be more understanding of other people’s beliefs, the world would definitely be more relaxed.

I believe we are all here for a reason and every person has a talent specific to them as an individual. We are all capable and able to see our purpose fulfilled. We need to believe in ourselves and in our talents. Have confidence in your inner-strength and you will always succeed.

Like the…

Like the unseen breeze that gently brushes your skin.

Like the rays of light that keep you warm.

Like the courage that pushes you to take a leap.

Like the trust that is built between souls.

Like the hope that is shared between hearts.

How do I know God loves me?

Because I have faith. Because I believe.


Love is in the air…for a day?

Now I’ve always been a strong believer that people shouldn’t wait until Valentine’s Day to express how much they truly love another. 

Valentine’s Day isn’t about how many flowers you give/receive or about heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.  It’s about showing someone how much you love them and this should be expressed everyday. It’s as simple as a note on a desk or a single rose on a pillow or just a quick call to say hi.  There are so many ways to show how much you care about your loved one…everyday.

Though I’m single now, I’ve been in relationships that have been toxic and somehow this one day could turn a guy into Mr. Suave only have him to turn back to Dr. Evil when the day was done.  

I will always believe that love isn’t about one day, it’s about 365 days!!

Here is a poem in honour of this day.

Colours of love

Emeralds are green, onyx is black. Trust me with your heart and never look back.

Tulips are yellow, lilies are white. I think of you every day and dream of you at night.

Amethyst is purple, moonstone is grey.  My love for you will span forever and a day.  

Roses are red, violets are blue. Today and everyday I will always love you.

– end.

It seems fitting to have one of the greatest love songs apart of this poem.

I will always love you by Whitney Houston: http://youtu.be/8QaI-M9sxW4

A life in review…thank you!

I’m blessed with a beautiful family and many friends whom I consider family.  I’m grateful to have so much love in my life and happiness in my heart.  The Christmas season means so much more than presents and turkey.  Christmas is a time of sharing and reflection.  I still can’t believe how fast 2011 has raced by but the reality is, as we grow older, it feels as though time moves faster.

I’d like to take a moment to show my appreciation to all who have played an important part on my journey in life and those who have been with me through the ups & downs.

First to my family:

Mom & Dad – thank you for being amazing parents.  For always doing all that needed to be done to make ends meet.  Immigrating to new countries (England and Canada) to ensure your children would have more opportunities in life. For all the sacrifices you made and all the challenges you faced without a second thought.  For teaching me how to respect and love myself and nurturing me to become the strong black woman I am today. Ensuring I knew that all people were created equal and not to hate but to show love to others and to give with my heart, not with my mind. For reminding me to choose friends wisely as “I’d be judged by the company that I keep” and allowing me to make mistakes so I could learn the lesson for myself. For telling me ‘no’ sometimes so I would learn and understand the difference between what “I need” from what “I want”. Most of all, thank you for your unconditional love!

Mac and KD – thank you for being loving siblings who would always look out for their baby sis.  Always sharing with me and showing me how family should lookout for each other at all times.  Mac – thanks for being the best big brother a sister could have.  I know I can count on you to protect and watch out for me…always! KD – thanks for being there from ‘playing school’ to ‘playing the fool’ you’ve always been the best sister anyone could ask for and I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Monick and fam – thank you for being a sister and a friend for over 25 years and still going strong.  I’ve been blessed to grow with you and your family who have welcomed me in your lives from day one. I was blessed with two families and I’ve learned so much from your parents who are like parents to me too. Not to mention the aunts, uncles, cousins, niece and nephews I’ve been blessed to call family.  I look forward to many more years of growing together!

And to my many friends who are also like family to me – you’ve each touched my heart in ways you’ll never know.

Sasha – You’re like a little sis to me and I’m grateful for you as my friend. 10 years feels like it was just yesterday.

Maria, Dushani, Judy, Jen – I will always be grateful for EDS and the family they created 15 years ago.

Jully – Who knew when we were 7 and 10 that our paths would reconnect and broaden! There is a plan for us both and we will continue to aim for the stars and should we fall we’ll land on a cloud but be that much closer to the goal! Thank you for the positive energy and love!! 2012…This is it!

Reta – Thank you for believing in me.  I’ve learned so much from you, more than you probably realize.  I admire how you’re able to see everything in a positive light. You’re a beautiful soul and I feel blessed to work with you everyday.

Peterson –  Thanks for reading and for getting the spark going again with your drawing “What is Hip Hop?”  That’s what started this motion and I’m grateful for it!! I don’t say it enough but I do appreciate it! Thank you.

Nita – I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all that you (and your family) have already done for me.  It means the world to me.

I would also like to thank those from my past who I may not speak with today but who have taught me a lesson in some form or fashion.  Thank you to those who have helped me and hurt me in my life as it’s made me the person I am today and I’ve learned so much from everyone I’ve met. Life is just one experience to the next, my goal is to learn from every experience.

Thank you to all and I wish everyone, happiness, health and prosperity in 2012!