#30Day Challenges – I can do this…. @BrianTracy #Changeyourthinking #Changeyourlife is a great start!

Back in April I did a 30 day fitness challenge.  I made a point to be active for at least 30 mins a day for 30 days.  It was fantastic!  I actually exceeded my 30 mins on most days but the great thing was I made sure I was active every day.  The funny thing is, I did it for no other reason than to challenge myself.  I didn’t buy anything special as a reward or have a special night out.  I stayed focused and completed it and was so pleased with myself when I did!

May was a busy month so I didn’t continue with the challenge but I’m back at it in June.  Today is day 2 and feel stronger today than I ever have before.

Seeing how that was so successful, I’ve decided to challenge myself to do something that I love. Write.  My goal is to write every day for 30 days – no excuses.  My sister and her friend (who’s like a sister to me..Wendy) and countless others have motivated me to refocus my efforts and share my passion with others. 

With that said, today’s entry is about Change.

As with most people in the world, there is often something in our lives that we would ‘change’ about ourselves or the way we live.  It could be trying to overcome an addiction or something as simple as changing the colour of your hair. It may seem like a difficult decision at first.  It may seem overwhelming when you think about all that needs to be done to make the change happen.  It’s easy to give up on trying to make the change but we have to remember, anything worth changing is worth the challenge.

Regardless of what needs to be done, we have the willpower and courage to overcome it or make the move.  Never second guess yourself and always trust your instincts.  Believe me when I say we are all capable of overcoming our fears.  Fear is just an emotion, it’s not physical. Fear is the enemy of change. Don’t let fear win, change is (often) a good thing.  When you commit to doing something different, and if the choice you make doesn’t take you where you want to go, stay strong, that means it’s only a stepping stone leading you to where you need to be.

Trust and believe in yourself as much as you do in others and you may be surprised how strong (mentally, physically, spiritually and/or emotionally) you truly are. 

Need help on how to accept change? I suggest reading “Change your Thinking, Change your Life by Brian Tracy”, I found it to be helpful when learning how to open my mind to a new way of thinking. 

Embrace change and you will find happiness within.  Happiness isn’t an end goal, it’s a part of the journey.