Find ways to #motivate yourself everyday!

Stay motivated in everything that you do.

Always challenge yourself so you can keep evolving.

Evolution equals living.

If you’ve never failed then you’ve never lived.

Many great people failed yet achieved more than they imagined. That’s because their set backs were a set up for greatness!

True failure is when one stops trying. If you have strength and courage nothing can defeat you unless you let it. You have a choice.

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@WordPress #WPChalllenge – Quick Story!!

Today’s wordpress challenge is to write anything which includes : a slice of cake, someone old and wise, a pair of flip flops.

True Story – I recently celebrated my birthday (July 18). I woke up that day feeling so-so…let me tell you why.

It’s crazy how powerful the mind is. This year I turned 39 but instead of thinking how I would celebrate my 39th year of life on the earth, I was consumed with the thought of ‘I’m almost 40’. I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling pondering what had I really done with my life to this point. I started to compare my accomplishments with my sister and my parents (whom I admire and look up to) and many people I know who are around the same age as me. Even those I don’t know like; Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Posh Spice…the list goes on of course.

The worse thing in the world is to invest time (which is constantly ticking) thinking about things that either you can’t change or really doesn’t matter.

Nonetheless, I got up to start my day. As I went downstairs I saw a card on the table. A bday card from my Dad! (Quick note about my Dad, he’s an old and wise man who has a lot of experiences to share and strong and good advice to offer.) He was sitting in the kitchen so I thanked him for my card and was about to put on my favourite pair of flip flops to head out.

He calls to me and says ‘Kim…come here. I want to talk to you’. I was in a bit of a rush so I said ‘Dad, can you please give me the Coles notes version…I really have to head out’. He just looked at me and said ‘Kim, leave worrying for the dead. Give your problems and worries to the dead man and let him take care of them for you. Time is for the living, it’s the one thing that you can never get back or catch up on. Be wise with how you spend it’. My first thought was ‘that must sound better in a different language’ but then I really took in his words to understand what he was telling me.

His words hit me like a ton of bricks as I had just spent about 45mins thinking and worrying about turning 40 next year…something that’s not even promised.

He also said to me ‘You are powerful and you are blessed. You can do anything you put your mind to with God in your life…just believe!’ Profound words. I gave him a hug, let him know how much I love him and that he is the best father in the world.

I went to work feeling good and ready to enjoy the day. When I arrived to my desk my manager and coworkers hooked me up with prezzies. A good friend already had a slice of cake waiting for me at 9:00am! And my company’s president, a woman who, in my opinion, is one of the most powerful and strongest leaders in the world. And it’s not because she’s a female president but because she is an incredibly intelligent and driven individual who sets her sights high and ensures she challenges herself and others to surpass the highest heights. If you had the opportunity to meet her you would see she is truly a rare diamond that’s multi-faceted and illuminates brightly!

Needless to say, this year was one the best birthdays I’ve had in a while and I’m grateful for every moment and everyone in my life. (Good and not so Good times) I’m thankful for it all as the experiences have made me who I am and I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Love handles and all : )

I’d like to offer some advice from experiences I’ve had over the years.

My advice:

Opportunities. When they arise…take them. Your instinct will let you know instantly what you want or need to do. Trust it. Don’t think about it for too long, you may doubt your abilities and possibly talk yourself out of a good thing. If you try it and it doesn’t work out accept it as a lesson learned and move on. Don’t dwell on it unless you’re attempting it again and want to figure out how to do it differently.

Be courageous in every aspect of life. Your career, knowing your self-worth, honing and exposing your talents and gifts and most importantly..matters of the heart. Don’t be afraid love…no matter how many times things go wrong.

Forgive yourself and others. Don’t go into your future holding on to your past – the weight of the past will be like an anchor to your vessel. Release the anchor and move full speed ahead into the horizon. The choice is yours. Only you can make a change.

Communicate. This, by far is one of the most important (if not THE number one) action. In every situation speak your mind instead of ‘wishing you had’ when the opportunity presented itself. This is how the past gets heavy, ‘not speaking up’ becomes a regret and it ends up being a burden that the future has to deal with. In every area in your life….say what’s on your mind. You’ll lift the weight of uncertainty and fear off your shoulders allowing you to always walk tall with confidence in all you do in your life. My dad always said ‘don’t wait till your standing over my grave to talk to me.’ Tell me everything now so I can offer advice or so you can feel good knowing it’s been discussed.

Tell your loved ones you love them. Show them you appreciate and love them with all your heart. We all have a set time on the earth with no knowledge for how long. The most beautiful and expensive gift you could give anyone is your time. Spend time with those you love so good memories will follow you forever.

I can only speak from my own life experiences so though none of this has been ‘researched and verified’ I’ve lived through it and can only give you my take on this thing called ‘life’.

Be well. Live well. Always wear sunscreen.

This is great advice too: Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free To Wear Sunscreen: