Speak out about #MentalHealth #ListenToSomeonesActions #YouCouldSaveALife

There’s no hiding, denying or ignoring that mental health exists and is a serious problem.

People can tell you to medicate it. Not talk about it. Stop worrying. Snap out of it. They can say anything they want to make themselves feel better being around you.

What needs to be said is…You are not alone.  Everybody hurts sometimes. Everyone feels unexplainable pain and sorrow at times. Everyone has their heartbroken at least once in their lives, maybe more.  What needs to be said is ‘take courage, you can get through it, the days may seem dark and may become darker but there will be a point when it will become brighter, just hold on. Time can heal wounds. Your life does matter.

It saddens me to hear more details about Flight 9525.  Recent news announced that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz told his Lufthansa flight training school in 2009 that he had a “previous episode of severe depression”.

If doctors diagnosed him with depression and he said things that indicated he had issues, could more have been done to help? Just like your body will tell you when something is wrong or your car will make noises when there’s an issue, people’s actions will let you know when something’s not right.  I understand everyone is responsible for their own actions but at some point in time we need to be understanding to others feelings and help them with their load. Not carry it for them but some how help them ease the burden until they can get back on their feet.

Listen to other peoples actions. If someone is acting ‘strange’, hear their cry for help.  For me, my faith in God has always been my source of light. My belief in his everlasting love and promise to always be there is what gets me through the times I call tough. Though there were some times when I felt as though no one was understanding my pain I still prayed for strength and made it through.

If you were suffering, wouldn’t you want someone to help you? Listen to other people’s actions. You could save someone’s life today.

@michaeljackson #gonetoosoon but will forever live in hearts

Cover of "King of Pop: Japan"

True Story – On June 23, 2009 I was speaking with a friend who said he would be sad if a certain comedian died.  He then asked me which celebrity I would miss.  Without hesitation I answered “Michael Jackson“.  There was no second guessing, not even ‘you know who else I would miss’. It was one answer. Michael Jackson.   So as you can image, I was stunned when a mere two days later, I was sitting in my car, listening to the radio and hear the song playing stop midway through with breaking news via TMZ that “Michael Jackson has been taken to the hospital”.

Though I was shocked to hear it, I figured he was exhausted from preparing for his upcoming show and I was confident he would be fine in a few days. Besides, this was coming from TMZ. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching their show now and then but it’s no CNN.  Little did I know how much that report would affect me and how I would have a new-found respect for TMZ (well…sort of).

I immediately called a good friend to tell her the news.  Years prior, she had warned me that she would be devastated when MJ dies.  She would wear the leather red jacket and silver glove, listening to his old records (yes vinyl) in his honour.  I called her to notify her of what was going on.  The first thing she said – “I’ll believe it when CNN reports it”.  The final reports came in that the King of Pop was dead.

We all know how the rest pans out.  Needless to say, I could go on and on about how many memories I have from all Michael’s songs.  I’m a child of the 80’s so I lucked out with experiencing a lot of “firsts” from him.  I still remember the first time Michael ever did the Moonwalk on the Grammy’s.  My family was in awe of how cool it looked to see him glide backwards across the stage.

Yes, many of today’s performer’s have perfected and even improved on to it but without Michael, they wouldn’t have had to up their game to the level they’re at today.  Just as Michael studied and admired James Brown, you can see the love and respect that the Chris Browns and Ushers of the world have for MJ.

I could write endlessly about his music but I’ll stop (for fear of starting to ramble on and revealing deep dark secrets that have nothing to do with this at all).

I have too many “Favourite” Michael Jackson songs to mention.  So here are some that are high on my list.

Rock with You

Don’t Stop ‘Til you Get Enough

The Grammy Performance of Billy Jean – 1st Moonwalk (at 2:37)

My how 1200 years just flies by….

So is it possible that Poseidon and Atlantis are more than names of a boat and a Toronto Club from back in the day?

A recent discovery has revealed a lost city at the bottom of the sea.  It makes me wonder what else is out down there?  What lies way below the ocean? What wonders are deep within in the rainforests? What sits a top the highest mountains?  It’s with discoveries like these that I question…why are we really here?

Are we to live a good life, and die? Are we here to cram as many risky adventures in before our heart stops beating? Should we attain as much as we can with no regard to the way others live?  Who knows?  I can tell you what I do know.

In the years I’ve been on the earth, I’ve learned and experienced a lot – more than some people, less than others and believe we’re here to be who we want and do what we do best.  I know that doesn’t answer any questions but I’m not trying to. 

I’ve been a victim, we all have.  A victim of believing what a good life ‘should be’. You know what’s worse.  We believe what we’re told.  If you’re not ‘average’ then you’re different.  If you’re too different, then you’re trying too hard.  If you conform, then you’re not different enough.

Break the routine and live life on your terms.  Take chances and be fearless.  Fear is all in your mind.  Addiction to anything is fear controlling you.  Free mind. Free yourself.

#BreakingNews – What’s going on? When will this stop?!

Santa Monica College has just been locked down due to a shooting. 

This is too common – what’s being done?  Should people of every age be in fear of educating themselves? going to the movies? going to the mall?

How do we get to the source of the problem? This is more than a cry for help. What can we do??

source: www.cnn.com

@strombo will be doin this thang on @CNN this summer!

strombo_1009I was so happy to hear the news that our very own George Stroumboulopoulos (man that’s long) will be the host of a summer special airing Friday nights on CNN.  I love seeing people excel at their craft. If you’ve seen his talk show, you’ll know he has a way of allowing his guests and fans to feel like we’re all just hanging out, shooting the breeze. I really respect this style of interviewing.

I still remember watching Strombo on Much Music – I’m talking about the days when they actually showed music videos.  I vaguely recall a press conference where rapper Eminem and Dr. Dre were on the panel.  All I remember is Strombo asking a question and Eminem saying something along the lines of “Who is this guy?”.  That’s when I knew he was going places.  Living life fearlessly is the only way to do it.  Congratulations George! 

Wishing you all the best. Have a fantastic summer!


#BreakingNews… #Forgive my ignorance

It’s been a while since my last entry. BUT that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes silence is worth a thousand words.

Have you ever felt like you just want to stop watching news…period.

I know it’s a bit ignorant of me as the reality is, bad things happen. Someone had to endure it so it’s almost rude for me to want to change the channel. But for five minutes, I just want to be ignorant. Though the message above may not show it, I am a compassionate person so when I see others in pain, it’s as though I can feel it myself.

I read a very disturbing article in the Toronto Star last weekend. Not the weekend that just passed, the one before – and it still comes to mind quite often! I felt bad for putting the paper down because I was closing my eyes to someone’s pain. However due to feeling sick at what I was reading, I couldn’t finish the article. I don’t get what’s happening in the world and a part of me doesn’t want to, for fear of possibly making sense of it all.

Because I have elderly parents (though they don’t look old enough to be elderly), their television only shows one channel, CNN. Really? Maybe one day I’ll tell you the insanity of hearing Wolf Blitzer, like he’s sitting right beside me because the TV is so stinkin’ loud! Those are words for another day.

Today, before I tune out the news, I would like to send my deepest sympathy and regrets to those who have been affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this afternoon. Such a tragedy. Such a shame.

#Forgive me of my five minutes of ignorance.