#SaturdayMorningSpecial #NewDayNewStart

If you’ve been reading my blog all week you’ll notice I’ve had a main focus on #MentalHealth. Why? Because, from stress to emotional imbalance to depression and everything in between, it’s something we deal with every day. I want to let people know that they’re not alone in this great big world. There is someone in the world dealing with the exact same issue you are facing. It may differ slightly, it may be called something else in another language, regardless the minor differences, the issue is the same.

Today as I was reflecting about the past week and thinking about what I’m grateful for and what I could do different, this thought ran through my mind.

We often beat ourselves up about past choices and missed opportunities or when an experience feels difficult, we may think about how things use to be ‘easier’. The long and short of it is, we spend time thinking about situations we cannot change and worry about the ‘what if’s’ that haven’t happened.

Try this; take a new sheet of letter sized paper and crumple it up into a ball. Now take that crumpled sheet, straighten and flatten it out into a new piece of paper. You can flatten it out so you can write on it again but you can’t make it look or feel new again. At that point you can make a choice to write and rewrite on that once new but now crumpled sheet of paper or you can get a new sheet and start fresh.

The way I see it is this, the moment we open our eyes to a new day, those first few thoughts when we wake will decide if you should reuse a crumpled sheet of paper which represents past pains and worries or grab a new sheet to organize our thoughts clearly and efficiently.

Too often we reach for that crumpled reused sheet and keep re-writing on until it becomes illegible making it difficult to tell the difference between an old thought from a new experience.

I’ve been guilty of letting negative memories consume me in the past. Thinking of all the things that I didn’t do and concerned about getting an opportunity to do them in the future. Thankfully I’m able to stop the crumpling effect, recognize there is a new sheet and invest time in the moment. It’s taken me my whole life of *classified information* years to learn this. Hopefully it has helped you too! #Thankful #FeelingBlessed

#BeCourageous #BeKind #YoureNotAlone