It’s a new year…whose with me?

It’s that time to make a new year’s resolution.

For the past few years, my resolution was not to make a new year’s resolution!  Looking back, I’ve done extremely well I must say.

This year, I’ve decided to stop taking the easy way out and set some goals that I will see to the end. 

A little tidbit about me…I’m great at starting initiatives but if I lose interest in something I tend to trail off and move on to the next project.  I always thought I would be great at opening new stores or help start up new businesses but I lost interest before finding out more I kid. I still think I would be great at that!

See that’s how easy it happens, I started about resolutions and I’m already on to something else.

Back to the matter at hand. So I’ve decided to set two resolutions. 

This first one is the common weight matter. I managed to lose 25lbs, with no resolution this year.  For 2013 I’m adding checkpoints to keep me on track.

Losing 25lbs has been great! I feel better, my clothes fit better and overall I’m healthier, another 35lbs will have me fit and lean! I know if I can do 25 with little focus, I can do 35 with a great plan and determination!

The second one revolves around writing. I am determined to write daily and get one of my pieces published. Even if I have to publish it myself. I prefer hand writing over typing (that’s just me) and I read an article with great advice!

Get a year calendar notebook where each page is dedicated to the day, were talking over 365 pages, and you write something, anything, everything, everyday!

By the end of the year you’ll have 365 pages of writings! This would work for artists, songwriters, students…anyone who wants to perfect their talents!

Believe me, practice makes perfect and theory makes sense!

So these are my challenges to myself!

I will also include resolution checkpoints in my schedule to ensure I stay on track!

If you would like to join me in my journey, send over your blog name or email address in the comments below and it’ll keep us accountable!

2013 is going to be a spectacular year! Are you with me?

And Scene…Fade to 2013?…

Well, we made it my friends!

We made it past the doomed Dec 21, 2012. People seriously believed that the world, as we know it, was going to be done and over with. I never really followed it to know how it was suppose to happen but I can tell you if I did believe in this apocalyptic event, I would have stopped paying my bills a long time ago and traveled the world. Wait, I can’t believe I just thought that.. Why would I wait for something massive to happen before going to see the world! Hmmm…. I’m onto something here. But I digress.

We made it past Christmas Day too.

I’m not sure if you felt it too but this Christmas season wasn’t the same.
There was no ‘buzz in the air’.

It could be the lack of snow in the city (which I’m not complaining about). It could be that I did my shopping in October so I wasn’t in the malls to hear the holiday music or see the shoppers bustling around looking for that perfect gift for their loved one. 

Actually, I was in a grocery store the other day and heard ‘Cuts like a Knife’ playin overhead but unless that song was about carving turkeys, I don’t think it counts as a Christmas tune.

I didn’t have any parking lot confrontations, which is unheard of. Or maybe it was because I only watched ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ once and didn’t see ‘Elf’ at all.

A few people I’ve spoken with have agreed that something is different. They said if it wasn’t for the children in their lives that they may not have gone all out. All I can say is thank God for children. They truly keep the sparkle of Christmas alive.

Though I have no kids of my own, there are 9 kids that I’ve know since their birth and all of whom I hold dear in my heart. Most of them are tweens now and they already have everything in the world so I have no clue what to get them but gift cards.

Well, regardless of what the difference is, I am grateful for many things such as my health, my family (by blood and by love), my career, my home and mom’s fresh bread (made from scratch – no bread makers here).

One thing I do feel is something big coming for 2013! I have no clue what it is or what form it’ll come in but it’s near.

Over the years I’ve experienced these feelings of when there is a shift in my life. I’m not crazy…not in the psycho sense anyways.

We all have a sixth sense, it’s just a matter of tuning into it. When I get these feelings, something always comes of it. This one is going to be major!

I’m looking forward to the change.

Change is evolution and that’s the only way we grow as individuals.

Change is often for the better. Don’t resist it…embrace it and believe me it will work in your favour!

2013 is going to be a spectacular year!!

The 12 Days of a Social Media Christmas – Day 12 – **Merry Christmas!!!**

On the 12th day of Christmas my e-friend shared with me…

Twelve instagramers snapping

Eleven skypers skyping

Ten bloggers blogging

Nine texters texing

Eight avatars smiling

Seven googlers emailing

Six Youtubers Youtubing

Five zillion ringtonessss

Four Twitter retweets

Three pins on Pintrest

Two likes on Facebook

of a pic taken with my Samsung Galaxy III

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours! I hope Santa gets my hint and hooks me up with the Samsung Galaxy III!!  C’mon Santa, open your bag and hook a sista up!! Don’t make me regret being good all year!! : )

I hope you enjoyed my new 12 days of Christmas!  Wishing you and your family a happy and safe holiday season.  Have a happy and prosperous 2013!!