Dad, Father, Pops…My friend – This one’s for you!

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day (Photo credit: ICStarzz)

Happy Father’s Day to all the men that are true father figures.

I was blessed with an amazing man to call Dad.  He’s everything a father should be and more.  He taught me everything from how to ride a bike to the proper way of puttying and painting walls.

My father has taught me how to be independent and fend for myself, almost to a fault – but that’s a family therapy posting for another day.  Today is to show my appreciation and thank my father for always being a constant positive force in my life.  He’s also been an exceptional father figure to many of our family members and my friends.

To all the Fathers who take care of their children, not just buying them stuff or ‘babysitting them’ for a bit, I’m talking about actually going places with them, teaching them morals and values, sharing their wisdom and enjoying their time with their loved ones.  Fathers that encourage children to aim for the stars in all they do, today and everyday, I salute you!

In the living years

For the pain and fear that you endured.

For the worry and concern you showed.

For the joy and love you always gave.

For knowing when to say ‘no’.

You could have given me the fish.

To feed me for today.

You could have carried me along the path.

Instead you showed me how to walk tall along the way.

Thank you Dad for being an incredible Father!

@theartof is passionate about what they do!

The Art of LogoAfter attending “The Art of Marketing” seminar on Wednesday, I feel recharged and ready to go.

The line up of speakers included: David Usher, Seth Godin, Charles Duhigg, Biz Stone and many more…

Though each of them spoke on varying topics related to marketing, I feel there was a deeper message being relayed to the crowd.  Believe and follow your passion

To truly enjoy what you do, you need to be passionate about it and not just say that you are but feel the emotion of it.  People can be happy at work and enjoy what they do but when you’re passionate about what you do, the level of satisfaction in life overall will be profound.

Great work on the part of “The Art of…” team for coordinating another successful event!

For more details about this and future events visit:

@jeremygutsche from @trendhunter knows what’s #trending

Jeremy Gutsche Keynote at Canada eConnect Conf...

Companies and individuals alike are often looking for the latest trend.

The smartest of the smart are looking to set themselves apart from the rest. It’s easy to be consumed by all of today’s trends, attempting to discover the next ‘new thing’ before everyone else.

Jeremy Gutsche and his team at have been recognized as being ‘in the know’ when it comes to identifying the areas companies should place their focus when creating an innovative marketing strategy.

In order to become relevant within their own industry, companies should be open to creating their own path.

Great advice.

@unmarketing breaks it down #Keepgoing until we stop

I have to share this great message presented by Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing.  What resonated with me the most was when he said, “Being a big deal isn’t a big deal if we’re not a big deal to the people we care about”. Those words are profound.

It’s amazing how we, as humans, have been in existence since the beginning of time and we still strive to find balance in our lives.  I know there are people who have managed to establish a balance in their lives but I’m certain many dues were paid to get to that point of enlightenment.

Thank you Scott for sharing your time and helping others to gain this knowledge through your personal experiences.

This Tedx talk is worth every minute.

@TheHSF asks…how will you spend the last 10 years of your life.

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to see the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s new campaign. ‘Make Health Last’.  It’s such a positive outlook and spin on their previous campaign, ‘Make Death Wait’.  It’s amazing how changing two words can evoke a sense of optimism. 

We all know the reality of life is death.  Just as the sun rises, it sets.  Though the thought of making death wait was effective, it sent a message of fear.  As humans, we naturally respond to positive or negative accordingly and are often unaware of how certain words can effect our outlook.

I commend this organization for putting a spin on reality.  Though many people suffer with countless illnesses and yes, some are beyond anyone’s control, there are a number of us who do have a choice on how we will live our life.  If our lives were worth money, would we spend it all at once? Would we give it away without thought? Would we share it with the ones we love?  The truth is our lives are worth more than money.  It’s a wealth that is priceless.

I’ve been blessed with parents who are active and healthy as they advance in years however I have watched other family members and friends suffer to the bitter end. Only after reflection did we see that some cases would have been preventable while others could have been in the best of health at one point in their life but somehow succumbed to illnesses or circumstances beyond their control.

For those who are listening and are able to make a change, my message is for us all to be aware and to share the importance of taking care of your health. Our bodies are well-built machines that we often take for granted and were intended to heal itself of ailments and injury without any effort on our part.  We blink and breath without a second thought.  We walk and run, even when we’re tired.  We can choose to live our lives to the fullest.  

Our body is the only home we have. 

One body.

One mind.

One heart.

Make Health Last!

#BHM – It’s February

Getting to Know Harriet Tubman
Black History Month – Getting to Know Harriet Tubman (Photo credit: SITES Exhibitions)

February kicks off Black History Month.

I clearly remember sitting in grade 9 History class learning about prohibition in the early 1900’s and wondering to myself; ‘Why is this important to me?’ I was a student in Canada learning about Al Capone and his gang of ‘yes men’ on how they ran the streets of Chicago. Though I did find it interesting, the part that Canada played in this era was barely discussed.

I never understood it at that time and understand it even less now. But I’m sure the Canadian history books have been updated to include more pertinent information (or at least I hope so).

I remember having to go to the public library, outside of school hours, to gain the knowledge I was looking for and even that was limited.

I read about Harriet Tubman (1820-1913), an African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. Born into slavery, Tubman escaped and subsequently made more than thirteen missions to aid numerous souls escape slavery using the network of antislavery activists and safe houses known as the Underground Railroad. She later helped John Brown recruit men for his raid on Harpers Ferry, and in the post-war era struggled for women’s suffrage.1

She experienced many trials and tribulations all her life and managed to keep her spirits high through her faith in God. She had to take drastic measures such as carrying a gun for protection from slave catchers as well as those travelling with her. She knew if any of the slaves were frightened and wanted to go back to the bondage the had grown accustomed to, they would likely tell their master, ultimately risking her life and the opportunity for others who wanted something that most of us take for granted today. Freedom.

In her early years, as a child of five or six years old, she was sold to a neighbouring plantation owner as a nanny where she would watch the owner’s baby during the night. If the baby cried, Harriet was beaten as it was assumed that she wasn’t doing her job. This is just one of the countless stories that Harriet endured. Later in life, Harriet worked with the North and Tubman became the first woman to lead an armed assault during the Civil War.1

On her last trip to the South, she returned for her parents. Her father was free and after the plantation owner’s death, he bought Harriet’s mother from the owner’s wife. However they were not free of the hate they were experiencing from those around them so Harriet made her way back from New York (where she settled) and traveled 145km to the south in order to lead them back to St. Catherine’s, Ontario (Canada) to live in the place that some of her other family members had called home.1

I could go on with endless stories of what occurred at that time but I’ll digress.

My point is, it’s great that a month has been dedicated to recognizing the accomplishments and progress made over time but Black history is more than the coldest month of the year. It’s about the trials and tribulations along with triumphs. History doesn’t happen in one specific month, it happens all year long.

Martin Luther King shared his dream…but not in February.

Rosa Parks was too tired to stand…but not in February.

Henry T. Sampson invented the Cellular Phone in 1971…but not in February.

T. Grant invented the Golf Tee in 1899…but not in February.

Phillip B. Downing invented the mailbox in 1891…but not in February.

President Obama was elected to become the first black president of the United States of America in 2008…but not in February.

History, from every nation, needs to be recognized throughout the entire year.

I agree a time of reflection is important and I encourage everyone, please keep learning all year long and don’t limit yourself at Black history, learn about world history of every nation.

Find out how we are all connected. It’s often said that ‘history repeats itself’ when negative issues arise. It doesn’t have to if we know past occurrences and make a change. Let’s be creatures of change instead of creatures of habit.

Learning about the darkness of the past can lead us to a brighter future. Ignorance is caused by lack of knowledge.

Knowledge is wisdom and wisdom is power. Let’s all become powerful!