#CalebHarrison – Gone to soon

My heart is heavy with the loss of a family friend on Friday.

It’s hard to watch the news because  every time they show his picture it’s a reminder of what’s really happened though it doesn’t seem real. It makes no sense.

My heart goes out to his kids. They’ve lost their father and a friend.

The journey of a tear.
It holds pain.
It holds memories.
It holds laughter and a smile.
Look through it or see your reflection.
Hold on to it or let it go.
Like a waterfall, they flow for you.

RIP Caleb. As you are reunited with your loving parents, I pray you didn’t suffer and that your beautiful children will be protected by God’s grace.

To all who have lost someone close to them – look up at the stars, the ones that shine brightest are out loved ones watching over us.

Lost One Series – Notorious B.I.G.

I can believe Christmas is tomorrow! Wow.

The other day I was listening to the radio and I realized how many artists I enjoyed listening to have passed away from tragic events.

My next choice wasn’t my favourite rapper but there is no doubt that he was a great one.

Christopher Wallace aka, Notorious B.I.G., Biggie Smalls, Biggie was a force to be reckoned with. His rhymes flowed with ease which made his style so well liked. He spoke about his life and the reality of what he went through.

It’s not surprising some would call him one of the greatest Rappers of his time.

Reports surrounding his death give slightly different stories but it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t take away the fact that hip hop lost one of their children tragically leaving behind his child fatherless. 

A part of me felt he knew his fate, the other part of me thinks he called it upon himself.  I’m a strong believer in Law of Attraction, its the theory of ‘one will attract their fate by the thoughts they put in the universe be it negative or positive’. I’m not saying he wished it upon himself. If certain thoughts run through your mind constantly, then it’s not surprising ig it becomes a reality.

All in all, Biggie will always be a respected Rapper and his music will always live on.

One of my favourite Biggie songs will always be in my list of great songs!

Lost Ones Series – Whitney Houston

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about this next artist?

Whitney Houston was an amazing singer.

She had a voice that was on a level of its own. When someone can sing well and make it look effortless – that’s true talent.

I could fill pages with the numerous awards and recognition she achieved but to sum it all up, this woman was a phenomenal powerhouse.

It’s hard to believe that it has been only a year since Whitney passed and people have already began to take advantage of her name in a negative manner.

The other day I saw an episode of “The Houston’s”. The show follows Whitney’s brother, his wife (which was also Whitney’s manager), her daughter Bobbi Christina and other members of the family. 

I was saddened at this blatantly selfish act on the part of her family members as it appears to be a cash grab. I didn’t see the point of the show and could barely watch the episode. If anything it shines a negative light on Bobbi Christina.

Get that young girl some help! Don’t exploit her. She probably saw her mother at her best and her worst and perhaps may still be dealing with that tragic day. It hasn’t even been a year and the show was taped in the summer? WTF!

Anyways, I digress. I’m here to celebrate the life of a beautiful singer!

I truly believe all that she experienced was not in vain. I pray her daughter will see what her mother went through and get some help for herself.

I loved all of Whitney’s music and it’s hard to choose just one. There’s a heart warming song that she had performed in the recent past entitled ‘I look to you’.

A beautiful song from a beautiful soul.

Lost Ones Series – Rick James

Where do I start?

Superfreak, Cold Blooded, Seventeen, Give It To Me Baby, You and I, Fire & Desire….and the list goes on.  I have to admit it, I absolutely loved Rick James

You tell me, which man could rock thigh high red patent leather boots? Rick did.  Which man could slap a ho in their face and make them say thank you?  Rick did.  Which black man could rock long shoulder length hair like a super model…Milli Vanilli.  I mean, Rick did!

I’m not going to make this too long and some won’t understand why I’ve chosen him but James Ambrose Johnson Jr., aka “Rick James” rocked funk like no other! I don’t know what to say other than this man’s music can make me Jive! (Sorry Mo, I had to use the word)

A native of Buffalo, NY, Rick made his way to Toronto and lived in our fine city for a while. Ok…so maybe he was a PIMP and maybe he had a few ‘hos’. Sure he did drugs, but it was the sixties…they were wild and crazy times….Right?  Yeah, I guess not. 

Ok, well it doesn’t matter, Rick made many contributions to music and can still make me move so for this reason, I will always work to keep his name and music alive!!

Here’s a fun clip from the Dave Chappelle Show where Rick defended himself from Charlie Murphy‘s allegations. UNITY!

Lost Ones Series – Heavy D

…and my ‘Lost Ones Series’ continues.

Let it be known, there is no rhyme or reason to my choices. I lead with MJ and Amy but now it’s just a toss-up of those who I truly miss.

In my opinion (and I’m sure some will argue) but the 90’s was when hip hop dominated the music industry and opened the airwaves to Urban Sound.  I’m not talking about Rap, I know that it’s been around since the late 60s (and prior if we want to go there), I’m talking about Hip Hop.  The fusion between Rap and R&B.

Now, though I enjoy today’s music for the most part, I’m going back to when Hip Hop was ‘feel good’ music. The likes of De la soul, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Kwamé, Redhead Kingpin, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest…man, I have to stop, I could go on for a long time here.

Anyhow, this moment is for one of my favs who have passed on, Mr. Dwight Arrington Myers, aka “Heavy D“.

On November 8th, Heavy D collapsed outside his Beverly Hills home and was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His death was initially thought to be connected to pneumonia but an autopsy report later determined that the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism (PE).1

He was born in Mandeville Jamaica and always stayed to true to his roots which was often reflected in some of his tracks where you could hear a reggae rhythm or undertone.

After nine albums, many film and television cameos/appearances and countless other accolades, to me Heavy D will always be remembered as a building block within the foundation of the Hip Hop!

One of my favourite Heavy jams – Now that we found love

1- Source: Wikipedia

Lost One Series – Michael Jackson

As I continue my ‘Lost Ones’ series, what more can I say about this next indvidual that hasn’t already been said? 

Michael Jackson was one of the best entertainers in the world.  Let’s separate his personal life from his career for a second as that’s what I’m focusing on in this series.

On June 25th, 2009, the music industry was a buzz with the news that Michael Jackson had died!  This man, fondly known as the ‘King of Pop‘ had managed to affect the lives of so many around the world that the speed of the internet couldn’t keep up with what people were craving for; they needed their last fix.

I’ll keep it brief, I promise.

I’m sure if you are a fan you remember it too, my heart was so heavy.  The news of his death both shocked and saddened me. Michael Jackson was more than ‘Thriller‘ and ‘Off the Wall‘.  He was more than countless grammys and awards.  The memory of MJ evoked memories of my childhood and for the days following his death, the videos and interviews took me back to my younger self and in a crazy and strange way, it felt as though a piece of my childhood was gone too.

Long story short – I would like to take a moment to remember MJ, the man, the music, the legend!  R.I.P. MJ, your legacy will live on forever!!

Check out of one of my all time favorites…this will get me up and dancing instantly!

Don’t Stop till You Get Enough!

Lost Ones Series – Amy Winehouse

I love music! At a young age, I developed a strong connection with this form of art. It was always more than just listening to it. I felt it. I owe this sense of awareness to my parents, specifically my Dad. Our house was always filled with songs and melodies. Songs with meaning and soul. They were short stories that could make you smile or bring you to tears. As with everything in life, music has evolved. I’m always drawn to songs that I can relate to as well as tracks that I love because of the artist/group or the song itself. You can find anything from Ella Fitzgerald to Rick Ross in my collection. You’ll see Sheryl Crow in the same case as DMX. I listen to everything and enjoy it all! One thing I’ve realized is that as I get older, there are A LOT of artists that I love but who have left us…some who have gone to soon. This brings me to my ‘Lost One’ series. Today on my Lost Ones list I begin with Amy Winehouse. Anyone who knows me will probably wonder why I’m not starting with Michael Jackson or Whitney and though they top my list of greatest artists Amy’s story really struck a cord in me. She was so young yet, at the same time, had so much potential and sorrow in her life. Amy was found dead from an apparent overdose. She fell victim to self-destruction. Many souls lose their life in this manner. Regardless of her financial wealth and fame, she is an example that you can be unhappy even when you have everything at your disposal. Your mental state is most important. There are people who don’t have much (in the materialistic sense) but are happy with life. Amy’s voice was (and still is) one of a kind. I listened to my ‘Back to Black’ CD until it wouldn’t play anymore. It was one of those CDs where I could listen from beginning straight through to the last track without skipping a song. The beauty of music is that no matter when the artist passes on, they will live in our hearts always! This is one of my favourite Winehouse selections. Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good

youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-I2s5zRbHg