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English: WestJet 737-600 landing in Vancouver ...
English: WestJet 737-600 landing in Vancouver Intl Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WestJet really out did themselves with this one!

If you haven’t already heard about this story or seen the YouTube video, WestJet recently made magic happen by working with Santa to make Christmas wishes come true. They gave children the fuel to keep their little hearts glowing with the belief that good ole’ St. Nick does exist.

I can only imagine the  amount of racing cars, anxious WestJet shoppers, confused sales associates, excited planners and hard work that made this all happen.

Some will call it a marketing ploy, others will say that WestJet really cares.  In my eyes, regardless of the intention (which btw I do believe is genuine), the state of the world today has me welcoming this act of kindness. We can all use Christmas Cheer.

For many, this season is a sad time of year or a time they may reflect on with another year passing and thoughts of ‘what have I really accomplished’.

I feel it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with and a time to thank God for allowing me to see another year and hear stories such as this.

Though I don’t know anyone on that flight, I want to thank WestJet for bringing joy to the hearts on the flight and those touched just by hearing the kindness of your actions.

Sharing is caring and caring is love!

@BBBSofPeel gives back like @Dove campaign


Ten years ago I decided to share my time with young girls that needed a Big Sister. 

Today Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel is recognizing me along with other volunteers for our years of service.  It’s been such a joy to be a part of this great organization and all they do – This year is their 100th year in Canada!

Though I was blessed with older siblings and friends who are like family I still felt the same self esteem issues that most girls experience today but I can’t imagine what they go through when social media is factored in.

Dove also has an amazing campaign with commercials that show young girls getting ready to partake in a sport and words are displayed beside their beautiful faces and hopeful eyes stating they won’t continue in their chosen sport and a percentage of them will quit because they’re not happy with their body image.

I’m making it my mission to let children know their worth and the beauty that lies within and shines through them all. 

No one is born with self esteem issues.  No one is born judgmental. These are all learned behaviors.

We can teach children how to be open-minded and accepting. Let’s make that the learned behavior.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to do all I can for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years!

@MrCakeUK I love your bitter-sweet news!

Today I read an article about a man who knew he had to make his dreams a reality.  He recently became a father and through the birth of his child he recognized how precious and fleeting life really is.  He decided to leave his job at the airport and pursue his dreams of becoming a baker. 

What made this story even better was he handed in his resignation letter in the sweetest way anyone could.

He wrote it out on a cake.


This is such a SWEET story.  You have to visit his website Mr. Cake.  He’s located in the UK and if his cakes taste as good as they look on his site, then it’s totally worth the trip.  One day Mr. Cake, I vow to visit your bakery. 

Mr. Cake’s actions has inspired these words.

Free Yourself

If you want to be free – let your mind wander.

If you want to be free – expose your heart to the unknown.

If you want to be free – face your biggest fear.

If you want to be free – take the first step.

If you want to be free – follow the path to your dreams.