#StressFreeSundays #LightsCameraAction #JustDoIt


For me, Sundays are a time of reflection and planning. As I reflect on the past week I think of all the times I was challenged. I had my patience tried a few times but through all the negativity I managed to separate myself from the emotion of the moment and not take things personal. It’s an amazing experience and liberating feeling when I do this. By releasing the tension it allows me to start planning for the week ahead. I list the top 5 tasks/items I’d like to see completed by the end of the upcoming week and focus on them.

This allows me to focus on working towards accomplishing goals I’ve set out for myself. We all know a house isn’t built overnight, the foundation needs to be set so the house will be a sound structure. This is the approach I’ve recently taken with goals. Take the time to build the foundation and your ventures will have a greater chance of success ultimately allowing you to see your dreams materialize.

Another way to think of it is like filming a movie production. Turn on the lights, that’s when you turn your mind on to you your dream. Cameras are needed to pinpoint the scene, that’s when you focus on your goal at hand. Now the last one needs no explanation, ‘Action’. That’s when you start making it all happen. Don’t worry about how many ‘takes’ and ‘breaks’ you take. Don’t stress on the editing, that’s where you get a chance to revisit your goal and action plan and rework some areas. Just know it will all work out and when it’s all done you’ll be able look at what you’ve created and move on to the sequel or next new production!

Dreams without action are just dreams. Denzel Washington

Stop dreaming big and start doing!!