#TalkAboutItTuesday #BaltimoreRiots #WhatsGoingOn

It’s so sad to see the eruption of violence that has occurred due to the frustrations of voices going unheard.  So much could be said but will it only fall onto deaf ears?  To watch people tear apart their own city is heart breaking but what’s even more disturbing is knowing that after the cameras have gone and the hype is over, who is going to build the city that was just torn down?

All that said, communication is a vital component to potentially defusing explosive reactions. Not just talking but also listening to another person’s view.  You may not agree but in fairness everyone has a voice, everyone should have an opportunity to be heard. Though we often let our emotions guide us in life, talking about matters is better than looking for a rug to sweep matters under.  #TalkAboutItTuesday #AllLivesMatter

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