#MajesticMondays #BeautyWithin #HoldOn

Flowers don’t truly serve a utilitarian purpose yet they’re one of the most valued items on our earth.  We’re fascinated by the unique beauty each one holds.  What I find fascinating is how they’re delicate to touch yet resilient enough to endure the most extreme weather conditions. Blue_Bird_of_Paradise_by_Massano

We often go through situations in life that will test our endurance and strength.  Much like the flower, in order to make it through trying times and the storms of life, we need to root ourselves to stay grounded, bend and twist to make it through and hold on till the bitter end.  We may get tired along the way but if we take courage and flow with the wind instead of against it, we can make it through the most treacherous conditions.

Stay faithful that the sun will shine again and you’ll look back and see how strong you truly are. #BeMajestic


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