#ThankfulThursdays – #MentalHealth #CountingMyBlessings #StandUp #StandOut

I’m thankful for all of my experiences; the not so good times and all the great ones.  More than anything, I’m thankful for knowing my worth. It took some time but once I started valuing my life as the precious jewel that it is, I started to enjoy every moment. It’s when I stopped looking for ‘something’ or ‘someone’ to make me happy that I was able to allow myself to be happy – now I am able to find positivity and happiness in so many things everyday.  Like anything of value, I am a ‘work in progress’ (as most of us are) and I know I’m not quite finished but at least I’m better than I was before.

My faith in God is what keeps me going. Though there are daily reminders of the hurt and pain in the world, it’s through faith that I keep hope alive.  Some people would rather push you down then help you up and compete against you when they’re not even on the same level as you.  My suggestion, let them keep doing what they do, just keep yourself focused on what you’re doing.  Never try to out-shine someone, just strive to do better than you did before and you’ll shine naturally.  If someone is busy watching what you’re doing, then they’re not paying attention to what they’re not doing and missing out on the same opportunities they’re trying to take from you. #ThankfulThursday

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