Speak out about #MentalHealth #ListenToSomeonesActions #YouCouldSaveALife

There’s no hiding, denying or ignoring that mental health exists and is a serious problem.

People can tell you to medicate it. Not talk about it. Stop worrying. Snap out of it. They can say anything they want to make themselves feel better being around you.

What needs to be said is…You are not alone.  Everybody hurts sometimes. Everyone feels unexplainable pain and sorrow at times. Everyone has their heartbroken at least once in their lives, maybe more.  What needs to be said is ‘take courage, you can get through it, the days may seem dark and may become darker but there will be a point when it will become brighter, just hold on. Time can heal wounds. Your life does matter.

It saddens me to hear more details about Flight 9525.  Recent news announced that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz told his Lufthansa flight training school in 2009 that he had a “previous episode of severe depression”.

If doctors diagnosed him with depression and he said things that indicated he had issues, could more have been done to help? Just like your body will tell you when something is wrong or your car will make noises when there’s an issue, people’s actions will let you know when something’s not right.  I understand everyone is responsible for their own actions but at some point in time we need to be understanding to others feelings and help them with their load. Not carry it for them but some how help them ease the burden until they can get back on their feet.

Listen to other peoples actions. If someone is acting ‘strange’, hear their cry for help.  For me, my faith in God has always been my source of light. My belief in his everlasting love and promise to always be there is what gets me through the times I call tough. Though there were some times when I felt as though no one was understanding my pain I still prayed for strength and made it through.

If you were suffering, wouldn’t you want someone to help you? Listen to other people’s actions. You could save someone’s life today.

The world is on fire with @JullyBlack #Fever (Produced by @ypalexander of @officials_mg)

Since it was first released, Jully Black’s latest track produced by Super Producer YoungPete Alexander from the Officials Music Group, “Fever” has been blazing and continues to blaze the blogosphere and radio internationally!

From the moment I heard the needle drop on this record, I was hooked!  It’s an incomparable sound with a hint of nostalgia that is sure to captivate hearts of every age.  True to Miss Black’s style, it’s sultry and sexy sound will delight your ears and satisfy your soul. She’s proving that Rnb/Soul/Urban music exists and will thrive in Canada!

What’s the only cure for this Fever? More groundbreaking music by this Canadian Icon, Jully Black!!