RIP @Joan_Rivers – You’ve made many laugh and shocked others but you always kept it real!

I just learned that Joan Rivers passed away today (September 4, 2014) at 81 years of age.

From news reports and being a fan over the years, it’s obvious that she lived a full life and though she was getting on in years she was always vibrant and seemed very strong.  This is just another example of how precious every moment of life really is.

The only reason I’m shocked is due to the fact that I just watched her last weekend on Fashion Police giving her  honest, often jaw dropping and hilarious opinions on the fashions from the Emmys and VMAs.  I was even commenting on how she had more energy than me.

Though the news saddens me as I can only imagine how she will be missed by her loved ones, I can only pray to spend the next 50 years of my life doing something that I love.

If you get a chance, read her story, it’s interesting how much she went through and endured to become one of the most well-known female comedians world-wide.

Here’s Joan at her recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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