@MrChuckD & #Public were ahead of their time… #StandYourGround is a Joke!

I’ve been a huge fan of #PublicEnemy for years and like their song “911 is a joke”, this “Stand Your Ground” law is a joke.

Though I may be far removed from it as thankfully we don’t have such a law in Canada, watching people literally get away with murder disgusts me.

Ignorance isn’t bliss.  It’s just ignorance.

I wrote this for all those who were ignorantly mistreated, beaten and killed with no regard to the content of their life.

Fruit of the Sycamore Tree.

What’s swinging over there in the breeze?
That’s the fruit of the Sycamore Tree.

Why does the fruit hang so low?
The shell of a man is a heavy load.

His body stretches like the branch of the tree.
Trying to reach out…trying to be free.

Free from hatred, anger and tribulation.

Free from the cowardice of a misguided nation.

The fruit of a sycamore tree is  bittersweet. Through anger it releases a soul of peace. – end

Today, the Sycamore tree is masked in this “Stand your Ground” law.  Young men are still being lynched.

Lynched by the laws of injustice.