Up & comin! Check out ‘Rising Star’ @MauriceXIII

avatars-000048285798-gtfq9k-t200x200I’ve recently had the pleasure to be exposed to an exceptionally talented artist named ‘Maurice’.

I started listening to his recently released acoustic remix to Meek Mill‘s smash hit ‘Levels’, and my first reaction was “..this is good”. But when I heard his track ‘Maybe’, I realized that I was listening to a rising star!

It’s not surprising that he’s been making a name for himself over the past few months and creating a buzz around the world.  His smooth and sultry voice infused with his fluid rhymes is reminiscent of soulful ballads from the early 90’s with a twist of #modern.

He expresses his versatility with such ease and what’s crazy is…he’s only 17!  This is a case when ‘age is but a number’ as there’s maturity in his music and a voice that draws you in.

I can say first hand, I’m looking forward to hearing more from Maurice – he’s definitely one to watch out for in the very near future. You need to check him out because it sounds like he’s ready to take the industry by storm!

Count me Maurice, you have a new fan!

Get to know him: Maurice the Man 
For your listening pleasure: Maurice the Artist