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English: WestJet 737-600 landing in Vancouver ...
English: WestJet 737-600 landing in Vancouver Intl Airport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WestJet really out did themselves with this one!

If you haven’t already heard about this story or seen the YouTube video, WestJet recently made magic happen by working with Santa to make Christmas wishes come true. They gave children the fuel to keep their little hearts glowing with the belief that good ole’ St. Nick does exist.

I can only imagine the  amount of racing cars, anxious WestJet shoppers, confused sales associates, excited planners and hard work that made this all happen.

Some will call it a marketing ploy, others will say that WestJet really cares.  In my eyes, regardless of the intention (which btw I do believe is genuine), the state of the world today has me welcoming this act of kindness. We can all use Christmas Cheer.

For many, this season is a sad time of year or a time they may reflect on with another year passing and thoughts of ‘what have I really accomplished’.

I feel it’s a time to celebrate and appreciate all that I’ve been blessed with and a time to thank God for allowing me to see another year and hear stories such as this.

Though I don’t know anyone on that flight, I want to thank WestJet for bringing joy to the hearts on the flight and those touched just by hearing the kindness of your actions.

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