#CalebHarrison – Gone to soon

My heart is heavy with the loss of a family friend on Friday.

It’s hard to watch the news because  every time they show his picture it’s a reminder of what’s really happened though it doesn’t seem real. It makes no sense.

My heart goes out to his kids. They’ve lost their father and a friend.

The journey of a tear.
It holds pain.
It holds memories.
It holds laughter and a smile.
Look through it or see your reflection.
Hold on to it or let it go.
Like a waterfall, they flow for you.

RIP Caleb. As you are reunited with your loving parents, I pray you didn’t suffer and that your beautiful children will be protected by God’s grace.

To all who have lost someone close to them – look up at the stars, the ones that shine brightest are out loved ones watching over us.

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