It’s all about perspective #Vantage Points – Part 2

From previous entry…..Finally, an hour and half later, you’re own your way.  You figure “At least there won’t be any traf….” and before you can finish your thought.  A sea of red lights ahead.  There’s a traffic jam.  You feel your back tense up and you grip the wheel even tighter.  Uncertain of the hold up, you turn on the radio to hear…. 

Part 2

“…yes Larry, we’re here in the traffic copter above that major accident on King Hwy at Main Street.  It’s a hot mess over here…there appears to be 15 cars, 3 vans, 2 tractor trailers that a horse? Well, they’re all piled up on each other.  Traffic is backed up for miles.  I’d love to give people another route but with the 401 closure, construction on the other major streets and the big happy every religion parade on John…well, let’s just say, anyone on going North on King should turn off their engines, put your seat back and get comfortable….this is what you call grid lock – and imagine the roads were free and clear about an hour and half ago!

That’s when you feel the trickle down your neck. That one bead of sweat just making it’s way down the nape of neck to the middle of your back.  You wonder if that is what David Banner felt like before he got angry.  No one liked him when he was angry. You think about your morning so far and wondered if you did something wrong in th recent weeks?  Was this Karma getting you back for something major?  Did you wrong someone and never made it right?

As you sit there and ponder about yourself, you see a child in the car next to you.  He looks strange.  Not in a “man…he’s not a cute kid” way but more of a “something looks wrong” way.  You look at the driver and they’re yapping on the phone.  You look back at the child and you see him trying to get the drivers attention.  You look back at the driver to see they’re too involved in the conversation to notice. You look back at the child and it clicks, this child is choking.  You….

To be continued

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