RIP #TrayvonMartin – Gone Too Soon.

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

I’ve kept quiet for too long about the recent ‘not guilty‘ verdict of George Zimmerman. 

For years we’ve watched how “Justice” serves the public. 

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison for standing up in what he believed in.

Martin Luther King was put in prison for a march promoting non-violence

Officers in LA were found ‘not guilty’ for relentlessly beating Rodney King which was caught on video.

George Zimmerman was found ‘not guilty’ for killing a young kid because he looked suspicious.

My heart goes out to Trayvon Martin‘s family. It’s one thing to have your child die before you. It’s another to lose your child to a tragic yet avoidable death, to hear him scream for help and watch the killer walk away free to do it again.

I’m sick with this sort of injustice.  How is a jury of all women George Zimmerman’s peers?  How can they truly, in their heart believe that this demented man (who is clearly not 100% there) is not guilty of pursuing this child after he had been advised not to. 

They really tried to make Trayvon look like a bad seed.  But first, he’s a kid…you show me a person that has never made a mistake in their life and I’ll show you a confounded liar.  Secondly, is anything that Trayvon did worthy of death?  Convicted pedophiles and rapists are able to walk the earth among us. But this child had to die for being a young black kid walking while with a hoodie? Is this a new offence I’m unaware of?

Since when do security guards walk with guns?  Perhaps things are different in the US but with all the gun violence in the world today, security companies really need to check out who they’re giving guns to and making it legal for them to kill at their discretion.

#RIP Trayvon. Everyone, we must work together to ensure this young life wasn’t taken in vain.

Martin Bashir really sums it all up right in his “Clear the Air” segment. 

It’s all about perspective #VantagePoint – Part 3

Continued from previous….

As you sit there and ponder about yourself, you see a child in the car next to you.  He looks strange.  Not in a “he’s  an unfortunate looking child” way but more of a “something looks wrong” way.  You look at the driver and they’re on the phone.  You look back at the child and you see (what looks like) him trying to get the drivers attention.  You look back at the driver to see they’re too involved in the conversation to notice. You look back at the child and it clicks, this child is choking.  You…

Part 3

swing open your door and get the driver’s attention.  You attempt to open the child’s door but it’s locked.  The driver, still holding the phone looks over wondering what crazy person is trying to abduct their child.  You yell at them “LOOK…LOOK… THE KID IS CHOKING!!”. They look back horrified to see the child gasping for air.

The driver stretches back and then climbs over the front seat. They push their finger in the child’s mouth and by the grace of God is able to dislodge the fisher price person that was getting stuck in his throat.

The stunned that the event happened, looks at you, like you pushed it down the child’s throat.  No words are exchanged but you can see (or want to believe) that the person is thankful.  You look at the child, who is now breathing normally, look up at you with big watery eyes and give you shy small wave…almost to say thank you for saving what would have been the end of my very brief life. With your heart still racing and your head now pounding, you manage to give a half-smile as to say “Good luck with your life kid” and slowly shuffle back to your car.

You sit there stunned, still in disbelief of what happened.  Staring straight ahead, your concentration is broken by the ‘ding, ding, ding’ of your low fuel indicator.  SHIT!  Your car was running the whole time.  You quickly turn off your car (which you thought you had already done but the activity made you forget everything).  Now, as you’re back in the present state, you hear the radio personality announce…

“Looks like they’re opening the lanes on King again – traffic should start to flow!  Hope everyone caught a quick nap…hahahaha!”  If he only knew….

The sound of engines starting filled the air and traffic started moving.  You mentally scan the area for the closest gas station.  You know that you have at least 15kms in your reservoir tank but would rather not find out how accurate the car manual was so you make your way to the closest station and just as you’re about to pull in, a red Porsche comes out of nowhere and takes the pump.

You’re ready to get out of the car, put both hands straight ahead of you and fly over to knock him out like Superman but you see the spot beside him open up with no one waiting.  You glare at him with an evil stare and pull into the next pump.

It’s building up inside…you have to say something. “Thanks for cutting me off asshole” to which he replies..”Excuse me?”.

“Don’t give me that bullshit, you saw me waiting and you just pulled in.  Since when did Porsche start giving out certificates for being a prick?”.   Pleased with yourself for saying it (but kicking yourself because you thought of something of even better you could have said) notice something.  An expression on his face you didn’t expect.  He looks at you, genuinely remorseful…”I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.  I wish you had told me, I would have moved…you see, this is…I mean was my Uncle’s car..he recently passed away and left it for me.  He asked me to take care of it but always said…don’t worship it.  I’m just trying to do as he asked. It was the last thing he said to me.

“WTF is going on!!!” you think to yourself!  Are you fucking kidding me?!  You’re eyes are now getting misty with tears because this man’s lip was quivering with thoughts of his dead Uncle.  Thoughts that somehow you manage to conjure up because “you just had to say something”.

You look at him and not knowing what to say…. “sorry to hear about your Uncle.  I’m sure he was a nice guy” You’re reaching for anything that will help this guy’s lip stop quivering. He nods and turns away.  You think to yourself “really…what else can go fucking wrong?”.

Just as the thought flows through your mind, you look inside the gas station and notice it’s suddenly dark in there.   You then look at your pump and see it’s stopped at $15.55 but you know your tank takes at least $80.  Then you look around and you notice that the street lights are out.  It feels like everything is moving in slow motion, then it hits you.  The power has gone out!

Expecting the generator to kick in, you wait….and wait….and wait.  Then you see the attendant come out to say “Sorry, the power has gone out and the generator didn’t kick in”.  FUUUCCCKKKKK!!!!!  He proceeds to say, “our sister station across the street is functional on their back up generator, you can go over there”.

You can’t believe this is happening.  You look over towards the other station and see the major intersection which you now need treat like a four-way stop.

You get into your car to make your way over and then….


It’s all about perspective #Vantage Points – Part 2

From previous entry…..Finally, an hour and half later, you’re own your way.  You figure “At least there won’t be any traf….” and before you can finish your thought.  A sea of red lights ahead.  There’s a traffic jam.  You feel your back tense up and you grip the wheel even tighter.  Uncertain of the hold up, you turn on the radio to hear…. 

Part 2

“…yes Larry, we’re here in the traffic copter above that major accident on King Hwy at Main Street.  It’s a hot mess over here…there appears to be 15 cars, 3 vans, 2 tractor trailers that a horse? Well, they’re all piled up on each other.  Traffic is backed up for miles.  I’d love to give people another route but with the 401 closure, construction on the other major streets and the big happy every religion parade on John…well, let’s just say, anyone on going North on King should turn off their engines, put your seat back and get comfortable….this is what you call grid lock – and imagine the roads were free and clear about an hour and half ago!

That’s when you feel the trickle down your neck. That one bead of sweat just making it’s way down the nape of neck to the middle of your back.  You wonder if that is what David Banner felt like before he got angry.  No one liked him when he was angry. You think about your morning so far and wondered if you did something wrong in th recent weeks?  Was this Karma getting you back for something major?  Did you wrong someone and never made it right?

As you sit there and ponder about yourself, you see a child in the car next to you.  He looks strange.  Not in a “man…he’s not a cute kid” way but more of a “something looks wrong” way.  You look at the driver and they’re yapping on the phone.  You look back at the child and you see him trying to get the drivers attention.  You look back at the driver to see they’re too involved in the conversation to notice. You look back at the child and it clicks, this child is choking.  You….

To be continued