#RIP #JamesGandolfini – My heart goes out to his loved ones

James Gandolfini

Sadly, it was reported that James Gandolfini a.k.a. “Tony Soprano” passed away of a heart attack yesterday.  Though I didn’t know him personally, it always saddens me to hear when someone passes away, especially when it’s so unexpectedly. 

My heart goes out to his loved ones left behind.  Having to deal with such a sudden death is devastating. 

I feel, sometimes memories can be both a blessing and a curse.  A curse as it will make you think of times you enjoyed and will no longer have.  But the blessings outweigh everything.  Being blessed with someone who has brought a smile to your face and joy to your life is often worth more than anything that money can buy.

MPine Barrens (The Sopranos)any people knew him as “Tony Soprano“, a mob boss he portrayed convincingly well.   What I was surprised to learn was that he’s appeared in over 40 films and a number of television shows over his acting career.

When I think of the Sopranos, I always think of one of my favourite episodes.  “Pine Barrens“.  This is an episode I can watch time and time again, enjoying it every time. 

To his family and friends:

Keep your head up and look to the stars. The ones that shine brightest are our loved ones looking back and watching over us. #RIPJames

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