Dad, Father, Pops…My friend – This one’s for you!

Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day (Photo credit: ICStarzz)

Happy Father’s Day to all the men that are true father figures.

I was blessed with an amazing man to call Dad.  He’s everything a father should be and more.  He taught me everything from how to ride a bike to the proper way of puttying and painting walls.

My father has taught me how to be independent and fend for myself, almost to a fault – but that’s a family therapy posting for another day.  Today is to show my appreciation and thank my father for always being a constant positive force in my life.  He’s also been an exceptional father figure to many of our family members and my friends.

To all the Fathers who take care of their children, not just buying them stuff or ‘babysitting them’ for a bit, I’m talking about actually going places with them, teaching them morals and values, sharing their wisdom and enjoying their time with their loved ones.  Fathers that encourage children to aim for the stars in all they do, today and everyday, I salute you!

In the living years

For the pain and fear that you endured.

For the worry and concern you showed.

For the joy and love you always gave.

For knowing when to say ‘no’.

You could have given me the fish.

To feed me for today.

You could have carried me along the path.

Instead you showed me how to walk tall along the way.

Thank you Dad for being an incredible Father!