@TheEllenShow is raising a #newgeneration

Do children seem more talented than ever before or is there more to it?

The reality is, this new generation (I’m talking about babies born in the late 2000’s new) have the technology to easily access information whenever they want.  With the fearless mentality that children possess, they quickly adapt to an evolving world which allows them to open their minds to a new way of learning.  Though they are in fact bright, I believe there appears to be so many ‘brilliant’ and ‘talented’ children because of the ability to share, like, retweet and follow these little wonders in an instant.  Thanks to YouTube and countless other social platforms, we can watch video after video of the youth in action.

Nevertheless, I love watching kids do what they do best…entertain!  They will dance, sing, tell jokes and play instruments to their heart’s content.  Some do it for a positive reaction from their family, others do it because they know how and they figure everyone can do it too.

We can always count on “The Ellen Show” to showcase these talented little ones.  The video below shows a four-year old ripping up the dance floor while his parents and audience cheer him on.  I’m realizing that parents can’t help but have a “Toddlers in Tiaras” moment when they watch their children perform on stage.  Though that show is so not right, I’ve watched it too many times in disbelief.  The show should really be called “Mommas tryin to Make it!”

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