The Company We Keep – I don’t think so…

American actor and director Robert Redford. (C...

Has anyone seen “The Company We Keep” starring and directed by Robert Redford?

OK, here’s a quick rundown (trust me…you’ll thank me for sparing 2hrs of your life).  First I have to say that I did like the movie…but not for the entertainment factor.  If you plan on seeing this movie..stop reading now (but believe me, I can do this in 5 mins).

Robert Redford is a Lawyer with a young daughter who he’s now raising on his own due to his wife’s tragic death in a car accident.  A news story breaks where a woman who has been on the run for 30 years decides to turn herself in to the Feds.  Well by doing so, the whole story unravels and ‘a guy’ approaches Redford to defend her.  He turns stark white when he learns that this woman has turned herself in and says he’s not really that good of a lawyer and suggests another lawyer that would be better.

Along comes Shia Lebeouf with his quirky, witty way of speaking as a news reporter looking to gain some knowledge so he can write an article his boss (Stanley Tucci) will be happy with and possibly save their failing publication “The Albany Times”.

Fast forward to Redford deciding to take care of some much-needed business and he ends up with Nick Nolte.  (I need to stop and say…what the hell happened to Nick, I’m praying its awesome make-up by the artists on set but it wouldn’t explain his really strange-sounding voice but I digress).  So blah, blah, blah…him and Nick catch up and Redford is searching for this lady who knows what’s going down and can help him clear his name.

Yes, he’s now a fugitive too – don’t be mad…I told you to stop if you didn’t want know – blah, blah, blah, he finds out where the lady is hiding and without speaking to him, she knows Redford’s looking for her so they meet at their old stomping grounds which is an old cabin in the woods.  They hadn’t seen each other in close to 30 years so of course they reunite and do the deed in this old, rusty, run down clap trap, which no one has visited or cleaned in close to 30 years.  Prepare yourself to see Redford shirtless…it looked like he was wearing a brown and pink polka dot shirt with all the freckles and age spots on him…that’s just my opinion though…some women may like that. Hey, some men may like it too, to each their own.

SO…they talk about what happened and he asks her to clear his name – she says she can’t do it.  Somehow…Shia manages to locate the cabin.  A cabin in the middle of nowhere with no mapquest or GPS that would suggest that anything is even in the woods.  Yet, he finds it. Then the FBI manage to track it down too (through a source) and Redford (who has to be at least 100+) decides to make a run for it.  He wants the Feds to chase him so the woman will not be caught.

Now this is the kicker…Robert Redford is now running in the woods with at least 20 FBI agents and their dogs in hot pursuit. Did I mention that Terrence Howard is the lead FBI agent.  So they’re all running him down in the woods.  I don’t know if you understand…THEY WERE RUNNING DOWN ROBERT REDFORD…sweet goodness man, he’s seriously not that fast.  But they were chasing him…with their dogs.  And the only way they catch up to him is when he stops to sit at a tree to catch his breath.  Yes…he stopped.  And finally when the Feds catch up…because they weren’t right behind him….they are all out of breath. Really???  Terrence Howard was sweating more than Robert Redford.  Terrence could barely read him his rights because he was panting so much.  Seriously??

OK so I won’t totally ruin it for you but the ending…well, lets just say it’s not what you would expect.

The only part I enjoyed was the message they were relaying.  What would you stand up for?  What keeps you going each day?  What would you die for? Martin Luther King, JFK, hey even the Crocodile Hunter died doing what they believed in.  It’s quite a thought-provoking message.

What is your purpose in life?

Here’s the trailer just incase you’re interested…