#BrianWilliams raps Snopp Dogg’s Gthang on @jimmyfallon – LOVE IT!!

I had to share.  The world of editing is amazing.  I think Brian Williams could pull it off!  With Snopp Dogg moving on to become Snoop Lion, Barky B (my new name for Brian) can step in and hold down the scene till the original Snoop Dogg returns!

3 thoughts on “#BrianWilliams raps Snopp Dogg’s Gthang on @jimmyfallon – LOVE IT!!

  1. Hey David, my email is already on it’s way.And I love this card! Unfortunately we oedrerd our cards, but we do them through UNICEF, and they have kids on them as well. It’s a good cause!You are truly a gifted artist and I wish you the best in the Holiday Season.Bob

  2. Ok he asked for a lil info an switching from just using his cd’s. i moneientd WMP because he would be able to have all of his cd’s in one place. i only use it because i cant afford and true software, like Virtual DJ. I myself am new to the game. and have just no got every thing i need to get my service up on its feet. and i dont pirate music. God forbid i have access to a collection of vinyl that ranges from the 60 s to the mid 80 s.

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