My how 1200 years just flies by….

So is it possible that Poseidon and Atlantis are more than names of a boat and a Toronto Club from back in the day?

A recent discovery has revealed a lost city at the bottom of the sea.  It makes me wonder what else is out down there?  What lies way below the ocean? What wonders are deep within in the rainforests? What sits a top the highest mountains?  It’s with discoveries like these that I question…why are we really here?

Are we to live a good life, and die? Are we here to cram as many risky adventures in before our heart stops beating? Should we attain as much as we can with no regard to the way others live?  Who knows?  I can tell you what I do know.

In the years I’ve been on the earth, I’ve learned and experienced a lot – more than some people, less than others and believe we’re here to be who we want and do what we do best.  I know that doesn’t answer any questions but I’m not trying to. 

I’ve been a victim, we all have.  A victim of believing what a good life ‘should be’. You know what’s worse.  We believe what we’re told.  If you’re not ‘average’ then you’re different.  If you’re too different, then you’re trying too hard.  If you conform, then you’re not different enough.

Break the routine and live life on your terms.  Take chances and be fearless.  Fear is all in your mind.  Addiction to anything is fear controlling you.  Free mind. Free yourself.

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