It’s all about perspective #Vantage Points – Part 1

Have you ever had what you felt was a horrible day?  Just one thing after the next would go wrong.  You woke up late and rush to the shower. You nearly break your neck getting into the tub because someone spilled body wash when the tub was dry and didn’t clean it out.

You clean it out and get in only to discover there is no body wash left because what was remaining spilled on the tub floor, almost taking your life and the jackhole who did it didn’t have the common courtesy to say something. With your MacGyver mind, you resort to adding water to the bottle in hopes to get the remnants of Garden Mist out.  You finally get enough soap for a proper lather only to have the water go cold. 

Annoyed, after your cold shower, you dry off and grab the bottle of lotion and guess what…same thing. So you unscrew the pump and beat the middle of your hand with the bottle trying to get out enough for your hands, knees, elbows, ankles and any other area that may be seen and appear ashy if you don’t lotion it.

Now you’re clean..(ish) and lotioned..(somewhat) and you look in the closet.  What to wear.  You pull out a pair of shorts you haven’t worn in a minute and ask yourself “Why haven’t I worn these? I love these shorts!” and with confidence you put them on.  You try on top after top only to choose the one you chose first (15 mins ago!).

Looking at the time you realize…”Shit, what am I doing??  I’m late!”  (Note: late is late.  really, if your 10 mins late or 20 mins late…accept it.  Moving faster will not rewind’re not Superman).  You get yourself together and head out the door.  What you forgot (and don’t realize) is that you didn’t change your shoes and are still wearing your comfy fuzzy slippers! 

As you lock the door, your elderly neighbour gets your attention and asks for your assistance.  Not wanting to look like an ass and brush her off, you stop to see what she needs.  She proceeds to tell you that her grandson forgot to take the garbage out to the curb before he left for school and she asked for your assistance.  That’s when it hits you…it’s Thursday!!   Apparently you’re the only one that is able to understand the concept of putting out garbage and own trash hasn’t been put out!

So you agree to help her and she guides you to her garage.  As you approach you see what she failed to mention is that she’s a hoarder and her grandson didn’t forget to put it out, he headed for the hills when he saw how much she had to throw out!!  You look at her and say,

“Ms. Johnson, I’m sorry but this is a lot of garbage and I don’t see how I’ll be able to get it out own my own”.  She gently lowers her head and replies,

“That’s ok dear, if you’re too busy to help a widow of 55 years, I understand. I would do it myself but I had both hips, both knees, my left elbow, my right wrist and my neck bone replaced. The doctor says if I have one more operation, I WILL die.” 

With a blank stare you look at her.  You wonder, ‘ is she being serious?’  She has at least 10 big garbage bags…and that’s of what can be seen.  You think quickly…’what do I do?!’ 

Then you hear it…in the distance…the truck is coming!  That’s when you realize!  My garbage isn’t out!! 

You look at her. You look to your house. You look at her. You look to your house. You resolve that this widow of 55 years needs your help.

You grab a couple of the bags and run to curb.  You run back to garage and back to the curb. You proceed to do this 4 more times before the truck makes it to her house.  As you approach her house to tell her that’s the best you can do, she looks down and says “Oh my…I’m sorry my dear. I forgot..those were bags of hats and mittens I knitted for homeless children in third world countries.” 

At that point, you look over to see the garbage man heave one of the bags in the compactor. You run towards him to stop him from throwing out the rest.  You bring the bags back to her house.  She opens one and says with a playful chuckle “Oh my goodness…looks like my age is catching up to me, this actually is  garbage.” She looks up in reflection and says “That’s right…those nice people already came by to collect the hats and mittens last week.” 

Now…you’re ready to shit yourself.  Better yet, you’re ready to shit in her bags of garbage. You look at her frail wrinkled face smiling and you take a deep breath.  Not only are you sweating (and can’t take another shower as there is no more soap), your own garbage didn’t go out either! 

You look at her and nod and through gritted teeth you say “That’s ok Ms. Johnson.  Next week I’ll help you from the night before and we’ll make sure the garbage gets out. Will that be ok?”  She kindly pats your arm and says “Yes deary, that would be perfect. You’re such a sweet soul” and winks.

You turn towards your car and shake your head.  You get in and when you step on the break you think “Why does the pedal feel like that?” You look down and that’s when you realize, you’re still wearing your slippers.  You shrug your shoulders and put the car into reverse.  You know you have flip-flops in your trunk somewhere so you’ll just sort it out after.

Finally, an hour and half later, you’re own your way.  You figure “At least there won’t be any traf….” and before you can finish your thought.  A sea of red lights ahead.  There’s a traffic jam.  You feel your back tense up and you grip the wheel even tighter.  Uncertain of the hold up, you turn on the radio to hear…. 

To be continued….

@michaeljackson #gonetoosoon but will forever live in hearts

Cover of "King of Pop: Japan"

True Story – On June 23, 2009 I was speaking with a friend who said he would be sad if a certain comedian died.  He then asked me which celebrity I would miss.  Without hesitation I answered “Michael Jackson“.  There was no second guessing, not even ‘you know who else I would miss’. It was one answer. Michael Jackson.   So as you can image, I was stunned when a mere two days later, I was sitting in my car, listening to the radio and hear the song playing stop midway through with breaking news via TMZ that “Michael Jackson has been taken to the hospital”.

Though I was shocked to hear it, I figured he was exhausted from preparing for his upcoming show and I was confident he would be fine in a few days. Besides, this was coming from TMZ. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching their show now and then but it’s no CNN.  Little did I know how much that report would affect me and how I would have a new-found respect for TMZ (well…sort of).

I immediately called a good friend to tell her the news.  Years prior, she had warned me that she would be devastated when MJ dies.  She would wear the leather red jacket and silver glove, listening to his old records (yes vinyl) in his honour.  I called her to notify her of what was going on.  The first thing she said – “I’ll believe it when CNN reports it”.  The final reports came in that the King of Pop was dead.

We all know how the rest pans out.  Needless to say, I could go on and on about how many memories I have from all Michael’s songs.  I’m a child of the 80’s so I lucked out with experiencing a lot of “firsts” from him.  I still remember the first time Michael ever did the Moonwalk on the Grammy’s.  My family was in awe of how cool it looked to see him glide backwards across the stage.

Yes, many of today’s performer’s have perfected and even improved on to it but without Michael, they wouldn’t have had to up their game to the level they’re at today.  Just as Michael studied and admired James Brown, you can see the love and respect that the Chris Browns and Ushers of the world have for MJ.

I could write endlessly about his music but I’ll stop (for fear of starting to ramble on and revealing deep dark secrets that have nothing to do with this at all).

I have too many “Favourite” Michael Jackson songs to mention.  So here are some that are high on my list.

Rock with You

Don’t Stop ‘Til you Get Enough

The Grammy Performance of Billy Jean – 1st Moonwalk (at 2:37)

@BlueJays #Lovethisteam I knew you’d make us proud!!

The original Toronto Blue Jays logo (1977–1996)

The baseball season started a few months ago and with a solid team of players, there was a lot of pressure on our Boys of Summer!

I heard comments from people already convinced things weren’t looking good for the Toronto Blue Jays because they weren’t winning games from the start.

Well, today made it their 11th straight win and  I know there are many more to come.

I’ve been watching the full games when I can or on the #Jaysin30 recap version (on SN1 – RogersTV) and I love how these men have developed a genuine bond!

I’m looking forward to taking in a couple of games this season!  I have a good feeling about this…I know the Jays are going to win the World Series!!  As the only non-US franchise to appear in a World series (winning in both 1992 & 1993), it only makes sense that they do it again!

Got Blue Jays?!

At the plate with his bat, he steadies himself, waiting for the right hit.

On the mound, with a nod, he winds his arm to throw the game’s first pitch.

The ball speeds by with sonic force and  leaves a trail of smoke behind.

The umpire catches it and yells out “Ball” the batter sees what the pitcher has in mind.

The game is intense. Everyone’s on edge. Our Boys in Blue are in the lead.

It’s no surprise they do it again, they’re on their way to the World Series!


#RIP #JamesGandolfini – My heart goes out to his loved ones

James Gandolfini

Sadly, it was reported that James Gandolfini a.k.a. “Tony Soprano” passed away of a heart attack yesterday.  Though I didn’t know him personally, it always saddens me to hear when someone passes away, especially when it’s so unexpectedly. 

My heart goes out to his loved ones left behind.  Having to deal with such a sudden death is devastating. 

I feel, sometimes memories can be both a blessing and a curse.  A curse as it will make you think of times you enjoyed and will no longer have.  But the blessings outweigh everything.  Being blessed with someone who has brought a smile to your face and joy to your life is often worth more than anything that money can buy.

MPine Barrens (The Sopranos)any people knew him as “Tony Soprano“, a mob boss he portrayed convincingly well.   What I was surprised to learn was that he’s appeared in over 40 films and a number of television shows over his acting career.

When I think of the Sopranos, I always think of one of my favourite episodes.  “Pine Barrens“.  This is an episode I can watch time and time again, enjoying it every time. 

To his family and friends:

Keep your head up and look to the stars. The ones that shine brightest are our loved ones looking back and watching over us. #RIPJames

@S_C_ #JayZ and @Samsungtweets are changing the game! #MagnaCartaHolyGrail

Jay Z

Last night I had a dream that Beyoncé was performing and managed to find dancers that looked exactly like her to sing and dance along side her. Oddly enough, my sister was one of the dancers and when it was her turn to sing…well, let’s just say, she didn’t sound like Beyoncé so the audience booed her. She was sad and I was backstage filled with rage. Then Jay-Z steps out, he sings (which he too didn’t sound like Beyoncé, but more like my sister – Sorry Jay, but it is a dream we’re talking about here) and when he finished the fans screamed and cheered. Then he gave the mic back to my sister and she sang again with Jay standing beside her. This time when she finished the crowd screamed and cheered and Jay and my sis bowed and stepped aside to allow B do her thang. Then Jay and I were laughing and reminiscing about good times (again, this being a dream, we apparently had a lot to talk about?).

Dreams often times don’t make sense but there was a message in this one. Encourage others to keep working on their art/talent. Nurture them and give them a chance to turn into a butterfly. If you practice doing something every day for 1 hour, in a year you will be better than ever before. 365 hours WILL make a difference.

Another reason I believe Jay was in my dream is due to the news about his Samsung commercial and the teaser of his new album. As I watched the commercial, I was excited to see such talented minds coming together to create a sound that I’m confident will be profound.

Imagine, Jay-Z, Timbaland, Rick Rubin, Swizz Beatz and Pharrell all in one room. Disclaimer: At first I didn’t know who the white man with the long beard was but after some research I found out that it’s Rick Rubin, one of the world’s most influential and respected producers. What I did know was that one doesn’t sit in a room with these heavy hitters without being one yourself.

What I heard is sure to be game changing! Much like our own Jully Black‘s highly anticipated 4th album “Made in Canada” (Wait till you hear what she has in store…it will blow your mind). Her and Super Producer YoungPete Alexander have created a new sound that will please every ear!

2013 has been a year of change for me and it looks like it’s going to be the same for music!

Check out Jay-Z’s Samsung Commercial