@officialchilli @TheRealTBOZ #TLC – #RIPLisaLopes – Her Story will Live On!

Lisa LopesI’m shocked to hear that April 28 made it 11 years since Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes passed away.  I still remember how much I loved (and still love) TLC and how I use to mimic Lisa’s high pony tail and colourful clothing trends. 

At the time, the music industry was dominated by a number of male rap/hip hop groups.  These ladies showed us you could be one of the guys and be proud of your “Double X” gene by representing strength and independence in their own crazy sexy cool ways.

To me, Lisa’s life ended in a bittersweet way.  Bitter obviously because of her passing.  Sweet because she was on a spiritual, life changing mission in Honduras with her family members in search of inner peace.  Unknowingly, she spent the last of her days with the people she loved – healthy and whole.  How many of us would be able to say that?

During her journey, she made a point to capture footage of every moment with the intention to share with the changes that could be made in 30 days. 

On April 25, 2002 – the 26th day of her 30 day retreat, she was in a major car accident which claimed her life.  All that was left behind was the raw footage leading up to that tragic moment.

Though the flame grew day, the light of her memory shines even brighter. 

RIP Lisa – Thank you to the family for sharing her story and allowing us to get a glimpse and better look into the soul of Left Eye! 

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