#BreakingNews… #Forgive my ignorance

It’s been a while since my last entry. BUT that’s not a bad thing. Sometimes silence is worth a thousand words.

Have you ever felt like you just want to stop watching news…period.

I know it’s a bit ignorant of me as the reality is, bad things happen. Someone had to endure it so it’s almost rude for me to want to change the channel. But for five minutes, I just want to be ignorant. Though the message above may not show it, I am a compassionate person so when I see others in pain, it’s as though I can feel it myself.

I read a very disturbing article in the Toronto Star last weekend. Not the weekend that just passed, the one before – and it still comes to mind quite often! I felt bad for putting the paper down because I was closing my eyes to someone’s pain. However due to feeling sick at what I was reading, I couldn’t finish the article. I don’t get what’s happening in the world and a part of me doesn’t want to, for fear of possibly making sense of it all.

Because I have elderly parents (though they don’t look old enough to be elderly), their television only shows one channel, CNN. Really? Maybe one day I’ll tell you the insanity of hearing Wolf Blitzer, like he’s sitting right beside me because the TV is so stinkin’ loud! Those are words for another day.

Today, before I tune out the news, I would like to send my deepest sympathy and regrets to those who have been affected by the bombing at the Boston Marathon earlier this afternoon. Such a tragedy. Such a shame.

#Forgive me of my five minutes of ignorance.

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