#HarlemShake shakes things up!

So the Harlem Shake rocks the world.  Who knows why these different dances take off the way they do.  So many videos have surfaced with people around the world doing the “Harlem Shake”, some of them in protest.  The world as we know it has been shaken up by this new phenomenon.  Some are even being fired for ‘shaking on the job’. World Leaders in some parts of the world are speaking against this form of expression, treating it as a dance of defiance.

Well, I can tell you I was surprised to learn that the Harlem Shake has been around since 1981 when the originator, a Harlem Native who went by “Al B” was said to have introduced it to the world. Since its inception, it has appeared in many Urban areas and became popular in music videos.

This year, a group of five teenage students from Queensland Australia created this internet meme and it went viral after it was added to YouTube in early February 2013.

Who knew the effect it would have?  It’s even prompted Billboard to bring forward plans to incorporate YouTube views as one of the metrics used to calculate their Billboard 100 Hot chart.  It’s amazing how these ‘ideas’ can have such a massive impact on our society.

Here’s footage of the Miami Heat shaking things up in their locker room! 

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