@TheAcademy I’m wishing I watched more movies to prep for #theoscars on Sunday

Best Actress Academy Award
Academy Award (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

Wow does time fly!  It’s already Oscar time again.

Thankfully I saw some  of the movies up for awards.  Of the ones I’ve seen, I believe it’s going to be interesting to see which ones will be chosen for this esteemed award.  Obviously people would like to be recognized for their hard work and efforts but I truly believe being nominated is a great form of recognition as well. I’m also looking forward to seeing all the gowns and shoes too!

Last year I wrote a few words from Oscar’s (the statue) point of view.  This is for anyone who may have missed it.

And the Oscar goes to…

*YAWN* It’s February already…look at all these actors, waiting for their moment to shine. Man I’m so tired, I wonder who I’ll go home with? Honestly,  I can’t wait to leave this line.

I hope I go home with Brad, he seems cool, both him and his spouse…wait he has six kids and they’re all under 10 waiting back at the house. Scratch that – he’s out.

I wonder if Meryl will win…again, she seems to be alright. OMG I swear I’m dying inside,  I’m not going to make it through this night.

I can’t believe no one made me a chair, why can’t I be sitting through this show? And who crossed my arms in front of me. It was who? FRANK?! Where is he so I can tell him where the *censored* to go.

George Clooney seems like a really nice guy.  I could stand on his mantel all day. He’s not a bad actor and a nice piece of eye candy…wait, what did I just say?

Here we go again with another long speech…can they start the music now? What! who just won for best supporting actor – Nick Nolte? I’m not going no way, no how!

Talk, talk, talk…that’s all I hear – I’ve had enough of this place. Blah, blah, blah – did I hear that right, he just thanked his teacher from 3rd grade?

I’m done with this whole thing, this is my last year, I can’t believe my name is on this event. Finally the end! Wait why is everyone leaving…I was joking – don’t leave me…I just needed to vent!!

Click here for a full list of nominations

Enjoy the Oscars!

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