@MichaelLosier I know you’ll agree #LawofAttraction is real – This is a great challenge!!

The brain
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Do you know why world domination slipped Brain’s grasp. (Yes, I’m talking about Brain from the Warner Brothers cartoon, Pinky and the Brain). It’s because he let Pinky’s negativity interfere with his power of positive thinking. Ok, maybe world domination by a cartoon character is an extreme example but it does illustrate my message.

I do my best to stay positive in all situations.  Though times can be trying, I will always look for the silver lining in each experience.

After reading the “Law of Attraction” by Michael Losier, it really opened my eyes to what we can accomplish when we believe in the power of positive thinking.  It’s amazing how the way we speak has a major effect on the way we live. When you speak positive words and think positive thoughts, the outcome can only be positive.  With much work, I’ve managed to improve my skills of becoming a positive writer.  What I mean by this is that I change the words I use to express what I would like the outcome to be.   This theory is much like having faith.  Believing ‘it’ will occur will cause ‘it’ to happen.

For example, instead of telling someone “Don’t forget to pick up some milk on your way home”, say “Remember to pick up some milk on your way home”.  When we speak in a negative manner, our brain responds to it and when you hear the words “Don’t forget” the brain connects to the word ‘forget’ as a negative which causes us to do as we’re told. Forget.

Now, by telling someone to ‘Remember’, we are sending positive vibrations to the brain so we will respond to it positively and it will be top of mind.  This is a basic example but what I’m trying to get across is how easily we can change the outlook in almost any situation.

At first I found it a real challenge to write positively all the time. You’d be surprised how much one uses “If you don’t mind, No problem, I don’t recall, I can’t remember if, I don’t know when, If not…” and the list goes on.  It would sometimes take me twice as long to write an email.  I would have to stop and ask myself, ‘what do I want the outcome to be’ and alter my message accordingly to ensure it reinforces the intended outcome.

Thankfully I’ve reached the point where I can write positively with ease and regardless of the situation, I can get my point across with positivity and lightness.  It’s even easier to write a ‘stern message’ in a positive fashion.

With this said, I have a challenge for everyone. Attempt to write positively in your daily life.  Think of what you would like the outcome to be and write as though it will or it has transpired.  I promise you will see an upward shift in your everyday life and the way you interact with others.

I would suggest everyone read Law of Attraction when given the opportunity. I’m just a fan of it and the message it sends.  Life can be great when you believe and know it will be.

Here’s a clip of Oprah explaining how the Law of Attraction worked in her life.  Some may doubt or question this theory and that’s fine. We’re all entitled to our opinions and beliefs but if you’re ready to change you’re own reality and have faith that it will happen, then this will work for you.  As with any theory, your mind has to be open and willing to understand and accept it in order for it to occur.

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