@dwayne_morgan brings you…. The Last Poet Standing!

As you can tell from my blog, I love to write! (nowadays, it’s when I can find the time to do so). Many of my writings on this blog are poems.  I’ve always had a fascination with reading too and I’m glad to say that I still have a passion for both outlets.

As a teen, I had countless books of poetry but after the years rolled by and a major move, I’m still searching for those writings.  I keep hope alive that I will find them.  My first blog entry was for a friend who is an amazing artist and who was showcasing some of his work at an art show.  As part of the criteria, each entry had to reflect and include a write-up answering the question “What is Hip Hop?”.  Based on his artwork, I wrote the following:

What is Hip Hop?

Hip Hop is a feeling, an emotion, an experience and is slowly becoming a distant memory. Deep thoughts have been replaced by deep pockets. Tight rhymes and hard beats have been traded for diamond encrusted grillz and life-sized platinum pendants. Meaningful lyrics have been sold for meaningless words. Tattoo Hip Hop on your heart, not on your arm. Redefine Hip Hop.

I like to think this was pretty good (pat, pat, pat).

This Sunday, I have the privilege and I’m really looking forward to attending an event called “The Last Poet Standing” where 16 poets go head to head in a boxing ring all striving to be crowned the 2013 Last Poet Standing.

Toronto‘s own Mr. Dwayne Morgan will be hosting this event.  You need to check out his website at www.dwaynemorgan.ca for more details on this and his other upcoming events as well as what he’s been up to over his career.  It’s quite obvious that he’s a busy man on a mission to entertain us and showcase great talent!

See you on Sunday!

The Last Poet Standing

Sunday, February 24th
The Great Hall
$20 in advance/$25 door


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