@TheHSF asks…how will you spend the last 10 years of your life.

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to see the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s new campaign. ‘Make Health Last’.  It’s such a positive outlook and spin on their previous campaign, ‘Make Death Wait’.  It’s amazing how changing two words can evoke a sense of optimism. 

We all know the reality of life is death.  Just as the sun rises, it sets.  Though the thought of making death wait was effective, it sent a message of fear.  As humans, we naturally respond to positive or negative accordingly and are often unaware of how certain words can effect our outlook.

I commend this organization for putting a spin on reality.  Though many people suffer with countless illnesses and yes, some are beyond anyone’s control, there are a number of us who do have a choice on how we will live our life.  If our lives were worth money, would we spend it all at once? Would we give it away without thought? Would we share it with the ones we love?  The truth is our lives are worth more than money.  It’s a wealth that is priceless.

I’ve been blessed with parents who are active and healthy as they advance in years however I have watched other family members and friends suffer to the bitter end. Only after reflection did we see that some cases would have been preventable while others could have been in the best of health at one point in their life but somehow succumbed to illnesses or circumstances beyond their control.

For those who are listening and are able to make a change, my message is for us all to be aware and to share the importance of taking care of your health. Our bodies are well-built machines that we often take for granted and were intended to heal itself of ailments and injury without any effort on our part.  We blink and breath without a second thought.  We walk and run, even when we’re tired.  We can choose to live our lives to the fullest.  

Our body is the only home we have. 

One body.

One mind.

One heart.

Make Health Last!

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