WordPress Challenge – in a 1000 words!

Couple Embracing
A moment in time

Tommy and Kelly were visiting Italy for the first time.  They had just been married the day before and decided to go on a cruise for their honeymoon. Italy was one of the many stops.  The love birds were thrilled to be there with each other.  Tommy’s family emigrated from Italy so in a way he felt like he was going home.  They were enjoying every minute together however, unbeknownst to either of them, they were being watched.  Every step they made was being closely monitored by an old cherub looking man. 

The man blended with the throng of people so they never once noticed that they had been followed every step from when they boarded the plane in Toronto.  The man appeared to be traveling solo just taking in the sites as with everyone else.  Tommy had no clue what was ahead of him.

Tommy wasn’t one for site seeing and would have gladly stayed on the cruise ship at every port but Kelly was the total opposite. She wanted to experience every moment in each city they visited.  Though Tommy tried to convince his wife they should just relax on the ship, he couldn’t resist Kelly when she pleaded with a look of desire in her eyes.  He would do anything to make his new wife happy.  The other ports they stopped at were short visits but the stopover in Italy would be for the entire day.  Tommy had to admit, he was excited to see the sights that his grandfather spoke of with such passion.

When the ship docked, Kelly was one of the first in line getting ready to depart.  She held Tommy’s hand tight and tugged him.  Though Tommy was physically stronger than her, her adrenaline was pumping and he actually tipped forward from her pull.  She was thrilled to be there with him.  Her family was from Switzerland, but she was elated to know her husband would be visiting the homeland of his family, now her family too.

As the two of them walked down the platform, the suspicious old man was only a short distance behind.  Kelly was taking pictures of anything and everything.  The monuments, the restaurants, the locals, anything she could capture in her lens.  The old man also held a camera snapping pictures; the only difference was every photo he took was of this young couple.

They stopped for lunch at a cozy café.  The two settled down and ordered. As they shared a bottle of Cabernet waiting for their meals, Tommy took a moment to relax.  With his sunglasses on, Tommy tilted his head back and closed his eyes to take in the sun’s rays.  Suddenly, there was a commotion in the distance; naturally Tommy opened his eyes only to see the same old man who had been following them was calling after a police officer.  He was pointing at the couple saying “That’s them.  They’re right there”.  Tommy and Kelly both looked around to see who the old man was point at.  There was no one around but them.  Again the man insisted, “That’s them, you can’t let them get away”. 

The police officer was getting annoyed with this little man and due to the language barrier; he didn’t fully understand what the old man was telling him.  Tommy looked around and wondered what was going on.   Someone passing by felt compassion for the old man and could see that the officer was about to walk away.  The passerby asked the man what was happening and he told him.  The couple couldn’t hear what was being said as the man was now speaking at a normal level making his words murmurs.  The person he was speaking with looked over to the couple and said “Are you sure?” and the old man replied, “Yes, I saw them do it”.  Clearly confused, Tommy rose out of his seat to find out what was going on.  The passerby translated what the old man had said to the officer and he headed in the couple’s direction with his hand hovering over his gun.  Tommy was now concerned and approached slowly.

The officer walked towards Tommy and with a broken English accent and said “You, stop.  Walk no more”.  Tommy stared stunned.  Uncertain of what was going on, the old man started again “Don’t let him get away; he’s the one who took it, him and his wife”.

Tommy was now getting nervous. Though this was his family’s country, he didn’t know anyone in there.  The officer was steps away from him and inquired “Where are you from?”  Tommy replied “Toronto”. The Officer looked at him with uncertain eyes.  Tommy replied “Canada”.  The officer said to Tommy “You come with me”.  Kelly watched in the distance with a lump in her throat.  She had no clue what was going on but knew something wasn’t right.  She stood up and rushed over to Tommy’s side.  The officer saw her coming, and said “Stop. Walk no more”.  Kelly couldn’t help it, her husband was in trouble and she had no clue why.  She continued to rush to be beside him.

The officer grabbed his radio and called for back-up.  Though neither of them spoke Italian, they both knew that him using his radio wasn’t a good sign.  When the officer was distracted with calling for back-up, Tommy and Kelly both looked at each other and instantly knew they needed to head for the boat so they could get help.  They eyed each other and nodded slightly.  Then they bolted!!!

The officer yelled “Stopped” and chased after them.  Tommy looked back and saw the officer was close behind them and then he caught a glimpse of the old man watching with a smirk on his face.  Tommy knew there was no time to find out who he was or what really just happened.  They just needed to get back to the safety of the ship.

Though he was blowing his whistle, the crowded streets slowed the officer down.  Tommy pulled Kelly to an alley way and they both raced up the cobblestones.  Kelly glanced back quickly, the officer was no longer behind them.  They were halfway up when Tommy tripped on his flip-flop.  Kelly looked back and saw he had stopped.  They looked up and down the street and saw no sign of the officer but knew that him and his back up wouldn’t be far behind.  Kelly stood beside Tommy with tears in her eyes.  They were tears of fear and uncertainty.  Tommy knew what she was feeling as he was experiencing the same emotions.  He pulled her close to him and the two of them embraced consoling each other.

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