The Alphabet Race – It’s for the Kiddies! Please Share!

I’ve been writing stories for my loved ones. Specifically the children in my life. Through family and friends there are nine kids that I hold dear to my heart!

I’ve written most of them their own story that is solely about and dedicated to them.

I’m a huge advocate of educating our children and encouraging them to want the best for themselves. I often tell them “in life, an education is the one thing that no one can take from you. It’s the one thing that’s truly your own. Knowledge is forever.”

I wrote another story last week and would like to share it with you and hopefully you can share it with your children.

My goal is to get my books published and though I’m sharing this one with the world and opening myself to risk, I trust in God that all will work as it should.

I welcome all and any feedback!

The Alphabet Race 

In alphabet city a race occurs,

it’s an annual event.

The letters of the alphabet get ready,

they gather under a tent.

It takes months of practice and training,

to get ready for this big day.

Bending, curving and straightening,

preparing to make their way.

The letters line up and take their place,

standing side by side.

The lowercase letters show their support,

by cheering on the sideline.

The countdown begins and the crowd gets ready,

to see who will take the lead.

Every year it ends the same.

It’s just the way it will always be.

“3…2…1 go!” and the race begins.

Though they all know the outcome, they still wonder ‘who will win’

‘A’ jumps out ahead with the lead

‘B’ is close behind

‘C’ follows confident in third

‘D’ is determined to remain in line

‘E’ effortlessly coasts up to the others

‘F’ forges ahead

‘G’ gallops straight down middle

‘H’ hops down the path instead

‘I’ insists he’s going to win

‘J’ juggles as she turns up the speed

‘K’ kindly lets the others pass by him

‘L’ laughs trying to take the lead

‘M’ moves out in front of the pack

‘N’ never breaks her stride

‘O’ opens his bottle of water for a sip

‘P’ pauses; her shoes need to be re-tied

‘Q’ quietly coasts closer to the front

‘R’ runs up faster, making perfect time

‘S’ slithers along the winding path

‘T’ trots to the front of the line

‘U’ jogs under an umbrella

‘V’ runs playing a violin

‘W’ walks quickly to the front of the pack

‘X’ plays the xylophone, believing he will win

‘Y’ is yodelling as she skips and jumps, going around the bend

Z’ zips by in record time…everyone is waiting at end.

The race is finally over

Each letter is out of breath

The judges look at the clock

To check which time was best

‘It’s official.. .’ said one of the judges

‘We have the final list.’

‘All the letters are winners!’

He exclaimed holding the paper in his fist.

‘We need them all to read and write.

They each have an important role’

Everyone cheered when they heard the great news,

They would all be awarded with a medal of gold.

Another year, another race

Let the party begin!

If you know the alphabet song,

All together let us sing…

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z …next time wont you sing with me.

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