Sunrise or Sunset? Welcome to Greenland!

A good friend of mine is an avid traveler.  She’s been to countless countries on five different continents.  She inspires me everyday!

I’ve traveled with her several times and I always have fun and end up with some amusing stories.  I’ve even gone so far to stay at a hostel in Montreal.  Though it was a good experience, I can’t say I’d rather stay at hostels around the world instead of hotels.  Nonetheless, it’s with these cost-effective measures she’s able to travel the world and take in new adventures!

Over the years, she’s built up the courage to travel the globe solo.  She always manages to meet great people along the way turning a new face into a cherished friend.

She recently went to Greenland (she wanted to take in the Aurora Borealis for herself).  Where most people would be in awe of the pictures on google, she insisted she needed to see this miraculous event for herself.

When she returned, we were going through some of her photos and when I saw this one, I was in awe of it.  Like Toronto, it’s wintertime in Greenland (much colder though).  The people of this region only see 4 hours of sunlight.  In the summer, it reverses and they see 20 hours of sunlight with their nights lasting a mere 4 hours.

This photo inspired these words.

Sunrise Sunset

The sky invites the sun to rise. Darkness surrounds the land as the sun sets.

The clouds dance in the light. The stars shine and shoot at night.

The snow slowly melts in the heat. The grass stands still frozen by the cold.

The sun peaks over the hill.  The hill hides from the sun.

It’s time to get up to lay down. Rise sun. Set sun.

Sunrise. Sunset.

Sunrise Sunset