Where do you stand?

I’ve had the pleasure to meet an extremely talented photographer who is a true artist. 

Jorge Polio is a master of his craft. He manages to capture the emotion of a moment by bringing the stillness of an image to life.

Jorge allows you to experience what he sees through his lens.

The photo below has inspired these words.

Where do you stand?

In a world that’s upside down. Where do you stand?

Looking down from the top or looking up from the bottom?

In a world that’s downside up. Where do you stand?

Looking up to the stars or down from the moon?

In a world of constant motion, where do you stand?

On the outside looking in or on the inside looking out?

In a world of stillness, where do you stand?

Within your body or without your soul?

Where in the world do you stand?

Visit his website at www.jorgepoliophotography.com for more spectacular photos!