Funny Story…I can’t make this stuff up.

I’m not sure if it’s the season or the weather or the ‘looking back at 2012’ but I’ve been feeling off lately.  I don’t like feeling like this and it use to be something I couldn’t control.

I’m very open about my brush with depression so I know the signs of that heaviness in one’s mind, body and soul.  I feel lucky to have made it through the experience and learn from it so I know when to recognize the feeling and stop it from forming into a snowball.

The people in my life care for me but often think that I would never be down or have no reason to feel so.  Well, like you, I’m human.  We all have ‘something’ that may sour our mood.

Nonetheless, I’m not here to bring anyone down.  No, it’s quite the opposite my friend.  I’m here to try and make you smile!

Because I know the effects of depression, I want to let you know that, if you’re reading this, and you’re feeling down, I’m here for you!

I’m known to be a bit of a joker, and though I could give you some of my best material, it may not relay as well through text, and you may think I’m a bitch for laughing at certain situations but most times, you would have either had to of been there or let me explain it in person.

My family though, no matter how I tell you, makes me laugh.  Most times, not intentionally and most of the time, I’m not laughing when the event occurs but I often see the humor in it after.

For example, my father.  If you remember “The Cosby Show” then you will remember the father, Cliff Huxtable.  Well, that’s my Dad.  He’s silly and serious and sometimes when he’s serious I find it silly.  This is one story that often makes me and my friends laugh whenever it comes up.

One night, I went out with some friends to a party downtown.  While we were leaving some guys were following after us.  Hot chicks like us, it wasn’t surprising…lol. I kid. Anyways, they were calling out to us and like the ladies we were (and still are), we acknowledged them politely then began on our way.  Well, they thought we were being rude because we weren’t stopping and they started to call us names and chase us so for some reason we all began to run. It seemed funny at first until they appeared to be getting angry.  We all realized that this was no joke and ran faster, some in heels and others kicked of their heels.  Surprisingly, we were all out running all the guys, which for a second didn’t make sense but adrenaline will kick in when you need it most.  My friend ran ahead into an alley and called to us to follow her.  She had found an unlocked door.  This was another strange event but again, I was being chased so I didn’t question it.  We all hustled in and waited, hoping they didn’t see which way we had turned.  My friend locked the door behind us. We all huddled together in a corner of the dark cold room and were moments away from shitting ourselves!

What felt like hours was actually just a few moments. We didn’t hear anything so one of my friends decided to see if the coast was clear and as she approached the door there was a sudden ‘BANG, BANG, BANG’.  We all screamed with our eyes shut and held each other tighter.  The banging was getting stronger.  There were no voices, just banging!  It wouldn’t stop…two of the girls started screaming louder and then suddenly, I opened my eyes…I was dreaming!

I was relived to know it had all been a nightmare, until…I heard the banging again.  How could this be…I thought. I was awake.  Or was I?  Was this one of those stupid inception type dream in a dream (I loved that movie btw)? It couldn’t be, it all felt so real.  Then the banging happened again.  This time I knew it was real.  It was coming from my window.  Now I was nervous.  Who the hell would be banging on my window?  Burglars don’t bang…do they?

No, they don’t.  To avoid having my hair turn all white, I decided to look out the window of the spare room (which was right beside mine) because if I looked out my window and saw two eyes of someone or something looking back at me so that our two eyes would make four. hmph…no way man!

So I walked slowly into the spare room and open to slates of the venetian blinds and what do I see?  My father….climbing down a ladder looking.  WTF??

Let it be known, this was at 3am!  So I go downstairs with the intent of blasting him.  I open the door and ask him ‘what’s your problem man?’ to which he replied ‘You need to get your hearing checked’.  What??  This coming from the man who you can’t talk to until he puts his ears on – making reference to his hearing aids.

I tell him he’s crazy and my heart was stuck in my throat and he said – well you shouldn’t sleep so sound.  WTF??  Are you serious??

So, it turns out he forgot his key and because his cell had died (of course when he needed it most) he had to drive around looking for a pay phone – as they are far and few between now.

This is my father.  This is one of the many stories that have formed my life.  I can’t make this stuff up.  Why would I?

I realize that this will not rid you of any depressed feelings but if it has made anyone laugh please let me know and I will tell you more!  There are tons of stories! You have to hear the adventures of Leppy.  It makes my Dad look crazy but really, he just likes making people laugh.