Moments in 2012

As the year comes to a close, it’s only right to highlight some of the most memorable moments of 2012.

Over the next 10 days I will talk about the moments and experiences over the past year.


Starting at the top of the year, I reflect and reminisce about when I attended the Jamaica Jazz Festival in Montego Bay with Jully Black and her band!

This was a major event as Jamaica celebrated their 50th year of independence.

The event is an annual occurrence but this year they had Celine Dion headling the show with a number of amazing artists! Toronto‘s own, Jully Black and other acts opened the show on the evening that Celine performed!

Jamaica is a beautiful country. The people, the island, the food and the drinks (mmmm..Appleton!).

Later that year, they also had more to celebrate than their independence when Usain Bolt and the Jamaican Olympic team broke all sorts of world records and mashed up the Summer Olympics held in London (UK).

Out of respect to my background, I have to mention… as 50 years of independence is a big deal, I feel it’s important to highlight another country that celebrated their 50th, Trinidad & Tobago. I have a personal connection as my mother is Trini and my father left Grenada when he was 19 to go to Trinidad, where he met my mother years later!  A big shout out to JA, T&T and all countries that celebrated a major milestone anniversary this year.

In short, my year started off on the right note when I went to JA in January 2012!  I had no idea what to expect the months to come.

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