Lost Ones Series – Rick James

Where do I start?

Superfreak, Cold Blooded, Seventeen, Give It To Me Baby, You and I, Fire & Desire….and the list goes on.  I have to admit it, I absolutely loved Rick James

You tell me, which man could rock thigh high red patent leather boots? Rick did.  Which man could slap a ho in their face and make them say thank you?  Rick did.  Which black man could rock long shoulder length hair like a super model…Milli Vanilli.  I mean, Rick did!

I’m not going to make this too long and some won’t understand why I’ve chosen him but James Ambrose Johnson Jr., aka “Rick James” rocked funk like no other! I don’t know what to say other than this man’s music can make me Jive! (Sorry Mo, I had to use the word)

A native of Buffalo, NY, Rick made his way to Toronto and lived in our fine city for a while. Ok…so maybe he was a PIMP and maybe he had a few ‘hos’. Sure he did drugs, but it was the sixties…they were wild and crazy times….Right?  Yeah, I guess not. 

Ok, well it doesn’t matter, Rick made many contributions to music and can still make me move so for this reason, I will always work to keep his name and music alive!!

Here’s a fun clip from the Dave Chappelle Show where Rick defended himself from Charlie Murphy‘s allegations. UNITY!

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