Life of Pi in 3D

The other day I went to see Life of Pi.  When I first heard that this novel was becoming a movie, I was baffled.  I thought how are they possibly going to make it interesting enough to keep audiences captivated?

Well, the filmmakers did a great job. The Kudos must go to the animators. What they did to make the animals appear life like was incredible. I’ve always been a fan of animation so I loved watching this movie mainly to decifer what was real vs. animated.

For those who read the book, I believe you will be pleased with this adaptation. Most times, when I watch a movie based on a book, I always come out with..Really? But not this movie. It was nicely done.

One thing I will say, some advertising suggested that it’s as good or perhaps better than Avatar. Negative. In my opinion, this movie doesn’t hold a light to it. Avatar was shot in 3D so it was phenomenal in terms of animation whereas Life of Pi was converted to 3D.

There were some great scenes that warrant the 3D experience so I would still say go see it. Some movies you need to see on a big screen so unless you have a 100″ TV at home, go see it in the theatre.

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