Lost One Series – Michael Jackson

As I continue my ‘Lost Ones’ series, what more can I say about this next indvidual that hasn’t already been said? 

Michael Jackson was one of the best entertainers in the world.  Let’s separate his personal life from his career for a second as that’s what I’m focusing on in this series.

On June 25th, 2009, the music industry was a buzz with the news that Michael Jackson had died!  This man, fondly known as the ‘King of Pop‘ had managed to affect the lives of so many around the world that the speed of the internet couldn’t keep up with what people were craving for; they needed their last fix.

I’ll keep it brief, I promise.

I’m sure if you are a fan you remember it too, my heart was so heavy.  The news of his death both shocked and saddened me. Michael Jackson was more than ‘Thriller‘ and ‘Off the Wall‘.  He was more than countless grammys and awards.  The memory of MJ evoked memories of my childhood and for the days following his death, the videos and interviews took me back to my younger self and in a crazy and strange way, it felt as though a piece of my childhood was gone too.

Long story short – I would like to take a moment to remember MJ, the man, the music, the legend!  R.I.P. MJ, your legacy will live on forever!!

Check out of one of my all time favorites…this will get me up and dancing instantly!

Don’t Stop till You Get Enough!

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