Lost Ones Series – Amy Winehouse

I love music! At a young age, I developed a strong connection with this form of art. It was always more than just listening to it. I felt it. I owe this sense of awareness to my parents, specifically my Dad. Our house was always filled with songs and melodies. Songs with meaning and soul. They were short stories that could make you smile or bring you to tears. As with everything in life, music has evolved. I’m always drawn to songs that I can relate to as well as tracks that I love because of the artist/group or the song itself. You can find anything from Ella Fitzgerald to Rick Ross in my collection. You’ll see Sheryl Crow in the same case as DMX. I listen to everything and enjoy it all! One thing I’ve realized is that as I get older, there are A LOT of artists that I love but who have left us…some who have gone to soon. This brings me to my ‘Lost One’ series. Today on my Lost Ones list I begin with Amy Winehouse. Anyone who knows me will probably wonder why I’m not starting with Michael Jackson or Whitney and though they top my list of greatest artists Amy’s story really struck a cord in me. She was so young yet, at the same time, had so much potential and sorrow in her life. Amy was found dead from an apparent overdose. She fell victim to self-destruction. Many souls lose their life in this manner. Regardless of her financial wealth and fame, she is an example that you can be unhappy even when you have everything at your disposal. Your mental state is most important. There are people who don’t have much (in the materialistic sense) but are happy with life. Amy’s voice was (and still is) one of a kind. I listened to my ‘Back to Black’ CD until it wouldn’t play anymore. It was one of those CDs where I could listen from beginning straight through to the last track without skipping a song. The beauty of music is that no matter when the artist passes on, they will live in our hearts always! This is one of my favourite Winehouse selections. Amy Winehouse – You Know I’m No Good

youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-I2s5zRbHg

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