When a prank goes wrong…R.I.P. Jacintha Saldanha

As you may know, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant for Prince William.

I’m happy to hear that this young couple is now becoming a family of 3 (or more). What saddens me is that this time for rejoicing has been tainted with a tragedy.

An Australian radio show thought it would be amusing to call the hospital where Kate had been admitted and impersonate the Queen inquiring about the status of her grand-daughter in-law. I’m really not sure why this would be funny but perhaps a conversation started that with “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” and personally I know the craziness that can result from those few words.

The radio personalities called the hospital and with a questionable british accent announced that it was the Queen (of England) on the phone and said they would like to know how Kate was doing.  Jacintha Saldanha was the nurse on duty and advised them that Kate was resting and that William had been to visit her the night prior, then left around 9p.  She didn’t release any pertinent information (as far as I know) nonetheless, it was more than what should have been revealed as per the hospital’s protocol.

When the news was first released that this prank occurred, I’m sure people questioned, ‘why would she say anything’, ‘why would they (the radio station) do that?’, ‘how tight is the security in the hospital?’, really the questions are boundless.

I have to be honest, after further thought, perhaps Jacintha was honoured at the thought of being the one on duty taking care of a royal family member.  Perhaps, she didn’t think twice when she received the call from the Queen.  Maybe to her it made sense that the Queen would call inquiring about the health of the woman carrying her great-grand child, the 3rd in line to the throne.  Regardless of what the reason, I believe this nurse felt she was being helpful to the royal family.  A family who many Brits see as the foundation of their country.

This story doesn’t end well.  Jacintha was so distraught, she felt the only way to escape the humiliation was to take her own life.  She may not have considered what her husband and two kids would do without her.  She may not realize that by taking her life, she took the lives of her family as they now have to live with the sadness of trying to understand her embarrassment and survive without her in their lives.

In recent months, I’ve been speaking with family and friends (and anyone who will listen) about mental health.  To commit suicide is a combination of emotions and feelings but it’s also a selfish and desperate act.  It’s selfish as the person is only thinking about themselves and their immediate needs.  It’s desperate as they feel no one can help and the only way to end the suffering is by ending their life. Most of all, it’s sad because those who love them the most, the ones who would do anything for them, their the ones who will suffer with missing the person and have so many unanswered question – likely never having closure.

My heart breaks for everyone involved in this story but most of all for her children.

No one could have ever envision this happening but I’m sure the radio personalities and everyone involved have a heavy heart.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Jacintha Saldanha.

2 thoughts on “When a prank goes wrong…R.I.P. Jacintha Saldanha

    1. I agree with you. No one would have ever envisioned this. I feel for everyone envolved in this tragedy. I can only imagine the backlash they are getting. All in all, it’s an unfortunate event.

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