Gangnam Style Rocks the World!

Over 834 million views on YouTube and countless other achievements – in a mere 4 months? What more needs to be said.

Though this may not be a song I would have listened to initially, when it’s on every radio station and television show; when kids and grown-ups are singing and dancing it all over the world, one cannot help but yell ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ every once in a while.

Some may see the Korean┬ásinger ‘Psy’ as an overnight wonder but after further research this is far from the truth. His song was the lead single of his sixth studio album. One cannot create six albums overnight.

At the age of 15, he watched a Korean TV programme which introduced pop music from foreign countries. In one particular episode, he witnessed a concert held by the British rock band Queen while they were performing their 1975 hit single “Bohemian Rhapsody” at Wembley Stadium. PSY revealed that the footage of this concert had sparked off his love for music. 1

His rise to fame wasn’t overnight. He just kept doing what he loved. I believe people pay their dues to reach their destiny. Though I don’t know his past, as like many of us, I’m sure he has a story which would encourage everyone (at every age) to always do what you love in life.

Regardless of my views of the song, we can all work to live a Gangam Style of life!

Kudos Psy – keep aiming for the stars.

1 – Source: Wikipedia

Sally Anne took my toy!

In recent news, the Salvation Army has been under some scrutiny.  One of the executives has been fired along with one of their employees.

Over the years, millions of dollars worth of toys have gone missing and as the organization tightened up ship they came to reveal that something wasn’t right hence the termination of this executive.

I really have no clue how anyone is able to sleep at night knowing they’re stealing from children along with taking the kindness of others for granted.  My family often donates to the Salvation Army (aka Sally Anne). I thought it was one of the more reputable charities as they sometimes give donations to the needy opposed to selling it.

I’ve always had my issues with trusting that these large organizations would be actually giving to those in need. It’s stories like these that make me want to  think twice about donating.

The reality is, people are in need and need help. It’s takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch. In this case, this one bad exec has tarnished the reputation of Sally Ann but I still believe that the organization in general is good-natured and will continue to put the community first.

In no way do I represent Sally Anne, I just hope they’re able to recover from this negative press. Especially with the Christmas season fast approaching.

I give to a variety of chairities which have a common bond – children.  Every child deserves a happy childhood. Specifically at Christmas!

How of you feel about it?