What’s the Word w/KSD – World Chaos

Thursday September 13

Yesterday I went to visit a friend in North York and stopped at a bank machine. There were three machines. I was in the middle and there was a young man to the right of me and an older man, probably in his late 50s, to the left. I’m always cautious of being at a ATM, especially in an area I’m not really familiar with. As I was leaving, the older man also finished his transaction and called out to me. I acknowledged him and he started to approach me. For some reason my guard went up and I said ‘Sorry, I have to go’ and proceeded to walk out the door but he continued to call me. He came outside and slowly shuffled towards me as it was apparent that he couldn’t move too quickly.  Once again he called to me and this time said, in broken English, ‘please to help me’ my heart melted and I stopped at the side of my car with my friend waiting inside. The man came up to me and pulled money out of his pocket and asked me ‘How much do I have?’ I looked down and saw he had 4 fifty dollar bills in his hand. I looked him in his eyes for the first time and they were very red, but sad and desperate. I told him he had $200. He said ‘thank you’ and ‘so sorry to bother you’ I now felt like a piece of shit. All this man wanted was some help because it was obvious he wasn’t familiar with our currency and I was ready to walk away from him because he ‘looked crazy’.

This is the world we live in. When someone’s cry for help will go unanswered because too many times we feel a person is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I know many stories in the news or you hear from a friend will tell you that one can never be too careful but what will come of the world if we keep turning our backs on people in need? Who would hear my cry if I was in need?

As I drove away from the man, I said to my friend ‘someone could have robbed him’ and that’s when I realized maybe he saw something in me or sensed that he could trust me. I said a quick prayer for God to protect him and asked for forgiveness for pushing him away at first.

With all the turmoil going on all over the world, it’s not surprising that the negativity in the air would trickle into our everyday life.

We need to bring love and acts of kindness back to life. It’s pretty sad that with all the reality shows we have, there aren’t more about ‘acts of kindness’. I guess this is not where the ratings are.

Open you heart
Lend a hand
Share an ear
Open your heart
Give a hug
Shed a tear
Just start.

One thought on “What’s the Word w/KSD – World Chaos

  1. It is indeed sad that we feel anxious about/afraid of those with whom we share our public spaces. But I like that you gave the older man a moment of your time and heartened that you sent a prayer for his protection. Such small acts of kindness can make a very big difference.

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