What’s the Word w/KSD

Tuesday September 11

Today means a lot to many people but one of the most memorable days in our recent history is only known as 9/11. When the twin towers went down in New York City and other attacks occurred the USA.

It was a sad day as many people lost their lives and their loved ones. It’s now a time of reflection on what occurred on that tragic day.

One of the most memorable moments for me was later that day when I was driving home from work. I looked in the sky and there was not a plane in sight. It was probably the one day that the most of the earth’s population was on solid ground. This was an odd experience for me as I live somewhat close to Toronto’s Pearson Airport, probably the busiest airport in Canada so planes are always coming in back to back. But not that day. For me, it felt like the world stood still. Such an incredibly eerie feeling.

These events have inspired these words:

Tears of a parents’ heart
Tears of joy at the baby’s birth
Tears of pride when first steps are taken
Tears of anger at their first heart break
Tears of hope when they go out on their own
Tears of relief when they prove they can make it
Tears of pain to hear their child has been wronged
Tears of sadness when their baby is gone

My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one on this day and anyone who lost their loved ones to other senseless acts of destruction.

Today you are remembered. Never to be forgotten.

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